I own all sorts of things that come in handy, like a toolbox, a bike pump, and an apron.

One thing I do not own, however, which I realized while cycling through torrential downpours in Richmond yesterday, is RAIN GEAR.  Yes, I have my North Face jacket, gumboots, and a waterproof (ish) backpack, but these things just aren’t enough when it’s raining cats, dogs, giraffes, and possums.  This weather is serious you guys.  That extended summer we enjoyed is so very over, and I’m not ready for winter.  Or at least my wardrobe isn’t.

My friend Joel really likes the rain.  Loves it, in fact.  He says positive things like “it makes things grow!” and I plan on adopting this attitude just as soon as I can get some proper clothing.

Yesterday I went to Richmond Centre to look at rain-appropriate boots (I’m thinking Blundstones – gumboots are too cumbersome) and while there, I realized I’ve never really looked at the mall’s food court before.  For months it’s been under construction, and around Christmas 2012 they’re launching a brand new food court called “The Dining Terrace.”

It’ll include 15 food retailers and a restaurant, and will be located upstairs where the movie theaters used to be.  I decided I should visit the food court before the change, and will check it out again after the fancy new digs are unveiled.  Until then, construction is hidden by walls emblazoned with colourful graphics of food and food-related quotes.  My favourites?  “Never eat more than you can lift” (Miss Piggy), and the Irish proverb “Laughter is brightest in the place where food is.”

Since I’m not one for malls in general, I don’t usually analyze atmosphere, but one thing I noticed at Richmond Centre is the current food court’s ceiling.  It’s tall and inset with large skylights, so the dining area is naturally bright.  Being in a mall can sometimes feel like a casino – you have no idea of the world outside – so I appreciated this feature.  There aren’t many stalls in the food court at the moment – just Jugo Juice, Thai Express, Good Ah, A&W, Subway, Flaming Wok, a sushi place, Starbucks, and a few others.  I decided on Good Ah, mainly because I’d never heard of it before and their meat skewers reminded me of the night market.

Behind the counter were four friendly ladies; I especially liked the woman at the till.  I went with the BBQ combo of four pork skewers with rice and salad for $7.58.  They also have chicken skewers, shrimp skewers, grilled meat sandwiches, baked potatoes, breakfast, and various fried snacks.

My plate was covered in a mound of rice, four skewers doused in BBQ sauce, a large portion of ice-berg lettuce, a few tomatoes, and your choice of salad dressing.

Some bites of pork were on the tough side, but overall the meat was pretty good, and I especially liked the BBQ sauce.  There was a lot of it; a real smother.

It was a simple meal, but a pretty good one, and a heck of a lot lighter than traditional food court fare.  I found the ladies of Good Ah endearing, and wonder if they’ll stay through the transition to the Dining Terrace.

As for my shopping mission, I’m still undecided on boots.  And the rain, quite honestly.  Over the next few days, as it drips off my helmet and over my face, soaks my thighs, and drowns my feet in cold puddles, I’ll continue with my affirmations from Joel.  I love the rain, I love the rain.  It makes things green.  I love the rain.


Good Ah, Richmond Centre Food Court

6551 No. 3 Road, Richmond BC


Cash only (I think…?)

Not really vegetarian friendly.