My visitor total has now reached 39!  Yesterday I was joined for dim sum and the night market by my friends Joel and Chad, who is visiting from Saskatoon.  I had a great time hanging out with these two.

Good Eat Seafood Restaurant

We went to Good Eat Seafood Restaurant, because…..well, it’s called Good Eat.  What other reasons would you need to dine there?  It was busy, but our 11:45am reservation still had us seated by about noon, and since the three of us had eaten a combined total of 1 smoothie and 4 dates all morning, we ordered quickly.

Good Eat Seafood Restaurant

We went with some classics, some newbies, and one dish that fooled me.  Fooled me good.

I ordered the balsam pear with chicken gizzards thinking “Mmmm, I’m totally willing to eat chicken gizzards if I can also have balsam pear with it!  I love balsams and I loooove pears, what a dreamy-sounding combo.  Yay to new things!  Heck YES for fruit in savoury dishes!”  Then the plate arrived, and those darn balsam pears looked suspiciously like bitter melon.

balsam pear and chicken gizzards

Okay, they looked exactly like bitter melon – green with scalloped edges – but even as the first bite approached my mouth, I still held out hope it would taste sweet, delicious, and perhaps even a little balsam-y.  Nope.  Just as bitter and pucker-inducing as every other slice of bitter melon I’ve unhappily consumed.  Foiled!!  So, today’s lesson is obviously that balsam pear = bitter melon, and I’ll add in that chicken gizzards are really quite rubbery.

The pork and peanut steamed dumplings were a little over-steamed, but I was a big fan of the filling, which was heavy with chopped crunchy peanuts.  I haven’t seen these on any other menus, and they’re a must-order at Good Eat.

peanut and pork dumplings

The radish cakes were excellent, truly one of my favourite dim sum staples.

radish cakes

The fried meat dumplings were deep-fried, not pan-fried, and surprisingly sweet.  The outer ‘shell’ was crispy, with just a bit of savoury meat inside, and an almost sugary-like crust.

fried meat dumplings

The steamed baby inkfish in satay sauce are a must if you’re a fan of squid – they were just a bit chewy, and had a nice flavour.

steamed baby inkfish

The crunchy deep-fried bean curd rolls with shrimp are another Good Eat signature; they were filled with shrimp and some kind of richly-coloured sautéed greens, and were perfectly seasoned.


The pan-fried noodles with ginger and onion were mighty underwhelming, as you can tell from the picture.

fried noodles

The sticky rice in lotus leaves were decent, but not the best I’ve had – they weren’t quite sticky enough.

sticky rice wraps

The steamed BBQ pork buns were wickedly good – soft, sweet dough with lots of saucy filling.

bbq pork bun

Our Chinese donut rice roll was crunchy, carby, starchy, and satisfying.

Chinese donut in rice roll

Finally, our mango and coconut puddings were jiggly squares of pale yellow and white.  They were good – a mild and refreshing way to finish the meal.  Because many of these dishes only cost $2.50 each, our bill was just $39.85.

mango coconut pudding

Later, we went to the Richmond Night Market which, despite a bit of rain, was a really good time.  It was both Chad and Joel’s first time there, and after many treats including meat skewers, dragon’s beard candy, and hurricane potatoes, they managed to get themselves some mango icy dessert.  So happy.

mango icy at Night Market

We also tried some purple rice ice cream made fresh, right in front of us, with a Kitchenaid mixer and a thermos of liquid nitrogen.  I had kind of assumed it would be entertaining to watch then taste like freezer burn, but it was actually INCREDIBLY creamy and smooth, with an almost plum-y taste to it and soft, chewy bits of rice.  They also offer strawberry and mango.

I enjoyed photographing this giant duck, part of the night market’s Magical Duck Island, a board game that has participants collecting answers and stamps in order to win big prizes.

giant duck

It looks just like the one by Florentijn Hofman that, until recently, was floating around Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour!  Sadly, it recently deflated.

Here are some more night market shots – if you haven’t been, definitely try and make it soon!

Richmond Night Market

Richmond Night Market

Richmond Night Market

Richmond Night Market

Richmond Night Market

Richmond Night Market

Richmond Night Market

Richmond Night Market

Richmond Night Market

Richmond Night Market

Richmond Night Market

Richmond Night Market


Good Eat Seafood Restaurant

8111 Leslie, Richmond BC


Cash only

Vegetarian options available


Richmond Night Market

8351 River Road, Richmond BC

Admission: $2

Parking available, but easiest just to take the Canada Line in and walk over

Bring cash!