My stomach and I are in a fight.  For several days, almost everything I put into it resulted in a stomach ache.  With my job, you can imagine how unpleasant this is, so I’ve been taking it very easy on the old digestive system.  I’m looking forward to when this bug (or whatever it is) passes, because it also makes me want to nap all the time.  If I give in to these sleepy temptations, however, there will be nothing for you to read, and human civilization as we know it will collapse.

With that responsibility on my shoulders, there are two point I’m following.  Consider them Lindsay’s Rules of Consumption:

1.  When feeling under the weather, do not put foods into your body containing large amounts of dairy, or anything that’s deep-fried.  Therefore deep-fried ice cream, as delicious as it sounds, is a really bad idea.

2.  Do put in steamed vegetables, plain rice, green papaya salad, and chicken satay.  Got that?  Good.

As so often happens, I found this meal by accident.  I was looking for another Vietnamese place, thinking pho would be good for me, when I spotted Green Lemongrass on Westminster Highway.

It’s a squat little restaurant in the shadow of a taller building, and looks as though it fell asleep on a beach one day and woke up in the city.  It’s shaded by palm trees and has a large patio in the front; if you’re positioned correctly and block out the sound of traffic, you can pretend you’re on vacay.

They have a large, English-friendly menu with appetizers, soups, rice and meat dishes, curry, vegetarian dishes, Vietnamese subs, and noodles.  I assumed I would get pho until I spotted the Green Papaya Salad ($7.75).  It sounded light, healthy, and very appropriate for the patio setting.  I also ordered the Chicken Satay ($6.75).

The salad (Goi Du Du) was everything I wanted.  At its base was a huge pile of finely julienned green papaya tossed in a light vinaigrette.  Green papaya isn’t sweet, but crunchy and fresh-tasting – the perfect flavour for summer.  Consider adding it to your next slaw, whether it be Vietnamese or not.

The salad was topped with lightly pickled carrot, crushed peanuts, very dry caramelized onions (they weren’t moist at all, just dark and candy-like), a generous amount of steamed prawns, and loads of fresh Thai basil.  Seriously, a beautiful sight.

The chicken satay had been marinated a long time (most recipes look something like this), and the char marks signalled the skewers had been properly grilled.  They were flavourful and tender, but just a little  too sweet for me.

I would have preferred a touch more salt and spice, thought the crushed peanut sauce DID have chill in it and was incredible.  That was the best part, and somehow my stomach managed it.  Yay!  Looks like we’re not fighting (so much) anymore.  But really, how can you possibly argue while sitting under palm trees?


Green Lemongrass Restaurant

8180 Westminster Highway, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Plenty of vegetarian options