Absolute Spa at the Fairmont YVR

Yesterday was our last full day at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport, and it was a Boxing Day like no other.  Lazy morning, body wrap in the spa, Afternoon Tea, and robe-clad dinner.  My my, it will be a shock when we leave this place, or as my mom keeps saying, “get splatted back out into the real world.”

First off, I’d just like to say how interesting it is to open my curtains each morning and see this:

planes at YVR Airport
From high above, I get to watch as the planes are loaded up, then slowly roll out to take their place in the lineup for takeoff (I first wrote that word as “takeout,” meaning I’ve most certainly eaten too much lately).

From my hotel window, the planes don’t look like the monstrous machines they are, but rather like small orphaned birds who are fed through a tube.

On with the day!  After breakfast, my mom, sister and I strolled down to the hotel’s Absolute Spa.  We started out with some gorgeously smooth peppermint tea, then each enjoyed an hour long body wrap.

Absolute Spa at Fairmont YVR

NOW I know why people go to the spa!  This was my first time in 27 years, and oh.  My.  Goodness.  I managed not to fall asleep (it seems like such a waste to snooze through an exfoliation and rehydration of my entire body), but I was blissfully relaxed.  I was massaged, wrapped up like a mummy (or, if you’d prefer, like sticky rice in lotus leaves) massaged some more, and left with my entire body still tingling.  Thank you Shannon for your soothing words and magical hands.

Absolute Spa Fairmont YVR
Next it was time for the Globe’s famous Afternoon Tea service ($36/person, $18/child).  Our friend Shirley joined us, and we spent the next several hours plucking delicate, delicious goods from tiered trays.

Afternoon Tea at Globe @YVR

Because I’ve never seen cocktails on a High Tea menu before, I obviously had to order one.

Tea Cocktails at Globe @YVR

The Beefy Tea was golden, round with vanilla, and full of bergamot from the Earl Grey.  Highly recommended.

Beefy Earl Grey cocktail at Globe @YVR
Our three tiers of tea goodies included:

Afternoon Tea Menu at Globe @YVR
The scones were outstanding, and it wasn’t just our table singing their praises; I heard everyone else informing the servers they were the best scones they’d ever had.

Scones at Afternoon Tea at Globe @YVR

Spread with a thick layer of Devonshire cream and strawberry jam, this is what High Tea is all about.

scones at Globe @YVR
The sandwiches were moreish, the group favourite being the smoked salmon on rye with cucumber and fresh horseradish.

tea sandwiches at Globe @YVR
Then the top tier – desserts!  The pumpkin tart was especially lush.

pumpkin tart at Globe @YVR

Afternoon Tea at the Globe was a relaxing treat, and one I’d highly recommend for special occasions.


Later in the afternoon, my sister and I wandered around and ended up on the airport’s Observation Deck.  We came across a digital postcard booth, thus beginning a half hour of ridiculousness.  Some friends and family are waking up to Anderson sister greetings this morning, many of which are stranger than this one.

postcard at YVR

For dinner, all I wanted was to cozy up in my parents’ room and eat comfort food on the couch.  So we got takeout sushi from Hanami Japanese Restaurant AND pizza from the Flying Wedge.

dinner in our hotel room at Fairmont YVR

From Hanami I recommend the avocado roll and dynamite rolls,

sushi from Hanami Japanese Restaurant

the gyoza, and gomaae (our 5 rolls + unagi sushi + appetizers came to $45.  The sushi wasn’t necessarily worth a trip out to the airport, but it was decently made and served with a smile!


The best slice of pizza from the Flying Wedge was pepperoni ($14 for 4 big slices of any variety).  I found the crust to be a little bland, but the slices were big and the toppings generous.

pizza from Flying Wedge

We set it all up, had a picnic, and watched the Kennedy Center Honors Gala on TV.  I dare you to think of a better way to spend an evening than eating sushi and pizza in a hotel robe while watching Tina Fey speak tribute to David Letterman, Barack and Michelle laughing in the audience, and all three living members of Led Zeppelin together watching an epic rendition of Stairway to Heaven (Robert Plant teared up).  I DARE YOU.

Mom and Dad in robes at Fairmont YVR
Today we leave our cozy Fairmont cocoon and re-enter the world.  We’d like to thank every last member of the hotel staff, whether we met you in person or not, for helping make our stay as special as it was.

Anderson family at the Fairmont YVR

We are incredibly privileged to have had this experience, and it is one we’ll never forget.  Goodbye Fairmont YVR – merci, grazie, gracias, THANK YOU!

goodbye Fairmont YVR