Picnic.  /’pik, nik/.  “An outing or occasion that involves packing a meal to be eaten outdoors.”  Or, buying lunch and taking it to Garry Point Park to be enjoyed under the cool shade of an oak.  Either definition suits.

Steveston’s time to shine is the summer, and one of the best ways to enjoy it is by having lunch outside.  A few weeks ago I discovered Heringer’s, a European-style delicatessen just across the lane from Diner No. 1, and I fell in love.  Hard.

It reminded me of the delis I used to frequent in Italy; spaces consumed by meat, cheese, and olives, all dished up by hardworking folks behind tall, clean glass.  There are shelves packed with oils and jams and neat rows of crackers, a dangerous sort of spot for anyone with an appetite.  Heringer’s has it all, and you can order in English, not Italian.

Marnie – my picnicking co-adventurer – and I chose 3 layer dip (roasted red pepper, humous, and bruschetta), Raincoast Crisps, a Terra Breads baguette, a wedge of Spanish manchego, chorizo salami, hot sopressata, dolmades, and olive tapenade.  They were all fantastic, and I especially recommend the locally-made chorizo salami if you’re a cured meats fan; wrapped around a chunk of manchego, you’ll be in a Spanish sheep’s milk and pork wonderland.

Heringer’s also does house-made meals varying daily such as BBQed ribs, meatloaf, roasted porchetta, pulled pork, and mashed potatoes, as well as marinated meats that can go directly on the BBQ at home.

Just a few doors down there’s the Steveston Bakery, another village institution.  They have soups and salads for lunch as well as a variety of sweet treats, obligatory for any good picnic.

We decided a thickly-iced carrot cake and old-fashioned apple turnover would be just right.  And they were – especially the soft, flaky turnover.

There are many lovely picnic spots along the water in Steveston, and we chose Garry Point Park, also home to this year’s Ice Cream Olympic Relay.  We setup our blanket and lounged, eating lazily in the shade for a good long while.

Then we walked down to the water and watched the barges trundle past, and the many kites flying overhead.

It seriously couldn’t be easier, or nicer, to picnic in Steveston.  There are so many places to pick up lunch, endless stretches of green grass to lay your checkered blankets,

and plenty of smooth, silvery driftwood, on which to lay yourselves.


Heringer’s Olde Fashioned Quality Meats

12251 No. 1 Road, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted


Steveston Bakery

12231 No. 1 Road, Richmond BC