snowflake at Rocanini coffee shop

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and in Hollywood Hills, Kate and I were experiencing sweet spaghetti thrills.

All of the above is (practically) true.  Technically it was the afternoon before the night before Christmas, we weren’t quite in the Hollywood Hills (but we were in Hollywood Steakhouse), and the spaghetti we were eating was really, really sweet.  Basically, it was a December 23rd for the Andersons unlike any before it.

Exterior of Hollywood Steakhouse
Kate and I shared lunch together, and since she’s never been to an HK café, we decided on Hollywood Steakhouse.  What an alluring name!  It’s located on Leslie Road, about halfway between the Aberdeen and Lansdowne skytrain stations.

Interior of Hollywood Steakhouse
Inside, most of the décor is black or grey, and unsurprisingly, Hollywood-themed.  It’s sort of like a small-scale, local, Hong-Kong-style Hard Rock Café.  The menu was familiar, with lots of baked dishes such spaghetti or pork chops with rice, as well as various Asian dishes.

Hollywood sign at Hollywood Steakhouse
We ordered a small baked spaghetti ($8.45), the Malaysian rice noodles ($10.45), and two iced HK teas.  It was easily enough food for three, but rather mediocre.  The Malaysian dish had prawns, peppers, and beansprouts, but the noodles were overcooked and there wasn’t a ton of flavour.

Malaysian rice noodles at Hollywood Steakhouse
The spaghetti was drowning in sauce, and insanely sweet!  Honestly, it tasted like dessert.  I’ve known people to add a pinch or two of brown sugar to their spaghetti sauce, but this seemed more like an entire handful, and it was too much.  I was already having some trouble explaining the eclectic concept of an HK café menu to Kate, but this spaghetti made things all the more confusing.  Certainly not my favourite restaurant so far, but were we unhappy?  Of course not – it’s Christmas!

Baked spaghetti at Hollywood Steakhouse
Done with Hollywood (the pressure to get plastic surgery was just too much), I met up with my parents and we made our way south for Steveston’s annual Santa Claus Parade.

No. 1 Road and Moncton Street intersection, Steveston BC

At 6pm, it starts at Hunt Street and No. 4, then winds its way through neighbourhood streets to the Gulf of Georgia Cannery.  There were lots of families out with their kids, waiting patiently to catch a glimpse of Santa himself.  Ah-dorable.

Shop window display in Steveston, BC

Since we were a little early, we wandered around town and admired the holiday decorations, sat down in Rocanini for a bit and enjoyed tea,

Rocanini Coffeeshop in Steveston, BC

then made our way to Chatham and No. 3 to wait for the parade.

Mom and Dad in Steveston

We picked just the right spot to stand, since the Crescent Beach Pipe Band was warming up next to us and treated everyone to a little pre-game show!

Eventually the parade made its way to Chatham, and we got to witness small-town pride at its best.  There were cadets, marching bands, caroling floats from the Steveston Community Centre, firetrucks, Frosty the Snowman (one child near us just LOST it with excitement upon spotting him), the Richmond Food Bank, and of course – Santa!  It was so merry, festive, and for the most part, rain-free.  Thank you to everyone who put in the time and effort to make it such a success.

Float in the Steveston Santa Claus Parade

Steveston Santa Claus Parade

Frosty the Snowman in Steveston

Float in the Steveston Santa Claus Parade

Firetruck in Steveston Santa Claus Parade

Richmond Food Bank at Steveston Santa Claus Parade

Firetruck in Steveston Santa Claus Parade

Santa Claus in Steveston Santa Claus Parade
After the parade, we made our way home and cozied in the for the evening with cups of tea, bowls of spiced nuts, and Elf on CBC.

“I just like to smile!  Smiling’s my favourite.”

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone.


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