IHOP pancakes

I waffled on whether or not I should go to IHOP.

Pun intended.

IHOP menu

Would people judge me?  Is it good enough?  How could I know one way or another, since I’ve never been to an International House of Pancakes before? (But have always wanted to).  Then yesterday morning I thought, “I want chocolate chip pancakes.  I want chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter spread over them.  I WANT CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES WITH PEANUT BUTTER SPREAD OVER THEM AND BANANA SLICES ON TOP.”  My stomach growled, and it was decided.  I would have those hot cakes, and I would enjoy them.

IHOP sign

I was fascinated with IHOP as a child.  It seemed so very American and unattainable, and that’s because we rarely went to the States and the chain hadn’t yet arrived in Canada.  But we Canucks are exposed to all things American through TV, and the ads for “Stuffed French Toast” and “Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes” sounded crazily awesome to me.  Therefore, when I saw there was an IHOP attached to the Accent Inn that I staycationed at two nights ago, I couldn’t resist.  It was time to order my childhood dream breakfast.

IHOP interior

I got their chocolate chocolate pancakes ($8.69), and asked for some peanut butter and sliced banana on the side ($1.99), as well as a side order of three scrambled eggs ($4.67) just to get some real protein into me.

jif peanut butter and banana

scrambled eggs

The food came out quickly, was super hot, and so satisfying.  All I dreamed about and more!

chocolate chocolate chip pancakes

The pancakes themselves tasted like chocolate cake, and there were FOUR DIFFERENT KINDS OF SYRUP TO CHOOSE FROM – Strawberry, Butter Pecan, Blueberry, and Old-Fashioned.  My eight year-old self could barely keep it together.

IHOP syrups

There were tons of chocolate chips sprinkled on top, which melted and blended with the peanut butter as I spread it on.  That’s good stuff right there.

chocolate chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter and banana

Round that out with some banana and there you have it – a sweet, salty, chocolately breakfast trifecta.

Needless to say, IHOP is a family-friendly place.  They have tons of kids’ meals, including an option to ‘make your own pancake face,’ and also heart-healthy options for those who prefer spinach over chocolate first thing in the morning.

It was a huge meal, and I was glad I’d worked out at the Steve Nash Sports Club that morning (that’s me on the right, celebrating victory).

Steve Nash Sports Club

The gym is attached to the Sandman Signature hotel, and the Accent Inn offers passes to their guests if they wish to build up an appetite for ridiculous breakfasts.  I bet you three nickels that Steve Nash’s pre-game meal is chocolate chocolate chip pancakes.  Extra chips.

chocolate chocolate chip pancakes

I’m hardly suggesting IHOP is a fine-dining option, but if you want a place with big, inexpensive breakfasts THAT YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE, then go for it!  Thanks again to the Accent Inns for my great staycation.  Now it’s time to let the 28 year-old in me take back over, and go find some vegetables….



10551 St Edwards Dr, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available