Yesterday, the sky pulled one of those “18 different weather systems in 3 hours” stunts, and I naively set out on my bike at the beginning of it.  Nothing but a t-shirt and coat, no gloves, no brain.  By “18 different weather systems” I really just mean 2, those being Magnificent Blue Sky (start of the ride) and Horrifyingly Grey, Cold, and Rainy (middle of the ride).  My plans to ride to Seto Sushi were therefore derailed as soon as I spotted the word “RAMEN” on Hazelbridge Way.  Ramen, after all, is the official meal of the HGCR weather system.

Ipputan Ramen

Ipputan is a brand new Japanese ramen restaurant in Parker Place Mall, and I was cycling past it just as the wind picked up.  The cherry blossoms in the parking lot, still in their full rosy glory, were shedding petals like crazy.

cherry blossoms parker place

I was freezing, and yet I couldn’t help but stand outside and watch the pink blizzard.

cherry blossoms

Photos never do these things justice, but you’ll just have to trust me that it was an amazing sight.

cherry blossom blizzard

Ipputan was modern, comfortable, and friendly – I loved my server.

I settled into an adorable, cozy little booth in the corner, and had a look at the menu.

Ipputan menu

Their specialty is various types of ramen, and they also have a huge variety of appetizers, rice dishes, bubble tea, and glutinous rice ice cream desserts.

Ipputan wall of bowls

I was tempted to get the tan tan ramen (of course), but I asked my server what the most popular menu options have been since they opened.  Those are the seafood ramen and the tenderous ribs ramen, so I went with the latter ($8.99) and asked for an egg to be added ($1.20).


This bowl was JUST WHAT I NEEDED.  A tangled bed of noodles, creamy miso broth, sliced cabbage, egg, red pepper, and a generous amount of ‘tenderous ribs.’


These were unlike anything I’ve had before, and to be honest, I’m still a little confused as to how they work.  They looked like ribs, but there were no bones, only softened connective tissue with the same, gelatinous texture as cooked beef tendon.

tenderous beef ribs

They’d obviously been braised forever, and the meat fell off the squishy ‘bones.’  Where were the bones?  WHERE WERE THE BONES?  Someone has to be able to answer that.

Ipputan was packed yesterday, so they’re obviously off to a good start.  And in honour of their grand opening, they’re giving customers 12% off their meals, so it’s an ideal time to try them out.

Ipputan interior

Just when I’d warmed up and felt human again, I was forced to get back outside, now with a cold rain pouring down.  I bolted straight for the skytrain, cursing my poorly-planned outfit the whole way.  Today it’s sunny though, so maybe I’ll try for that sushi again…?

ps – awesome airplane viewing from the Parker Place parking lot!

airplane over parker Place


Ipputan Ramen Noodle House

4311 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available