Last night I had my drinks poured for me by wine fairies hanging from the ceiling.  True story.

Where was I?  The BC Wedding Awards Gala.  And what will I say at every party I go to from now on?  “Ahhhh, what’s with the bartender on the ground?  I want fairies.  Bring back the fairies, man!”  I’m just kidding.  I appreciate and love all bartenders, even if they can’t fly.

The gala was held at the River Rock Show Theatre, and is put on annually to celebrate the best of the BC wedding industry.  Why was I, she who’s never been married nor done any wedding work beyond serving for catering companies, invited?  Because I know how to eat.  YES.  I had the honour of tag-teaming with Julian Bond (of The Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts) and Mijune Pak (of Follow Me Foodie) to judge hors d’oeuvres presented by various catering companies, including Kale & Nori, Edge-ceptional, Truffles, Emelle’s, and The River Rock.

It was a great evening; I met lovely people including Sophie Lui and Fred Lee, all the food was wonderful, and Mijune even nicked a brownie from backstage for me.  Really, what more could I have asked for?

Congratulations to the gala’s organizers, Justin and Tracy, for pulling off a wildly successful evening, and to all the finalists and winners for your exceptional work.  Who was I most blown away by?  Modern Romance Productions, who won for best wedding video.  Seriously, gone are the days of shaky, grainy, camcorder-captured memories.  The bar has been raised to a Hollywood-worthy level, and makes me really wish I knew anything at all about cinematography.

Thanks again to BCWA for inviting me to their fab part-ay.

I’m not just going to talk about weddings today, however.  I’m also going to share a great new Hong Kong-style restaurant!  A huge *cheers* to @pixielate and @cnklhd, who recommended it to me on Twitter a few days ago.  La Amigo Restaurant is on Alexandra Road, and while I’ve passed by it a number of times, I’ve never noticed it before.  The interior is painted a bright sunny yellow, and the service is friendly and very attentive.

La Amigo is a more upscale than places like Lido or Happy Date, and has a lot of French-inspired items on its menu.  I looked online and ordered what seemed to be an overwhelmingly popular dish: the Blackened Cajun Chicken Legs with Spiced Tomato Cream Sauce.  For $15.95, I had it as part of the ‘Chef’s Special’ menu, which came with a soup to start (I chose Hong Kong Style Russian Borscht) dessert, and a drink.

The borscht was a tomato-based with carrots, celery, onion, cabbage and beef; it was simple but really well-seasoned, and came with a piece of white bread with garlic butter.

My entree was as satisfying as everyone online had promised.  The chicken thighs were de-boned, and while the cajun spices were less pronounced than I’d expected (they were hardly ‘blackened’), the chicken was incredibly juicy and flavourful.  It came with crisp green beans, sweet corn, and rice, all atop the spiced tomato cream sauce.  Aaaaah, saucy rice.

The tomato cream sauce was splendid, and once I’d soaked it all up but still had leftover rice, my server asked “would you like more sauce?”

I nearly asked her to marry me.  How could she know me so well after just 45 minutes?

Dessert was a small bowl of mango custard, with a bit of condensed milk poured on top.  Sometimes I love eating towers of lush chocolate cake at the end of a meal, but other times I prefer something exactly like this.

It was light, barely sweet, tasted of real mango, and utterly refreshing.  I drank a hot lemon tea with it, and was very happy with my meal, indeed.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday, and if anyone is looking for me, I’ll be at The River Rock.  Waiting for more wine from the fairies.


La Amigo Restaurant

8291 Alexandra Road, Richmond BC


Debit and cash accepted

Vegetarian options available, though the menu is meat heavy