My friend Sarah joined me for dinner the other night, and we chose LA Grill and Bistro.  Why?  Because it had my initials in the title, and that seemed like reason enough.

What did we order?  The nachos ($7.95), because we were hungry and nachos always seem like a good idea when you’re hungry, and the LA Burger ($5.95), because well………it also had my initials in it.

The service was friendly and attentive, but the meal wasn’t stellar.  The nachos had the kind of “cheddar” that tastes a bit artificial, and while we opted for extra fromage for $2 more, it wasn’t all that thrilling because the cheese wasn’t great.  Also, it didn’t come with enough salsa or sour cream, but you had to pay extra if you wanted more.  No way Jose!

The burger was ok; the patty looked homemade, and we added cheese, some fried mushrooms, and two strips of bacon for a buck a piece.  Instead of fries, it came with roast potatoes, which was a little strange to be honest.

They’re the same potatoes they serve with their Greek entrees, but they just seemed out of place.

On urbanspoon, people seem to love LA Grill because of the large portions and small prices.  Personally, I’d rather pay $15 for a high-quality burger, rather than an inexpensive, mediocre one.  However, had you asked me in my university days, I’d have been all over a $5.95 meal!  Restaurants carve out their own particular niche, and LA Grill seems to have found theirs.


Today’s Best of Richmond list is inspired by these dark days of winter.  When daylight is brief and the air is chilly, comfort food is the cure.

                                                                      Top Five Comfort Foods in Richmond

1. Tan Tan Noodles from Nan Chuu Izakaya.  I am this close to getting a “tan tan 4 Life” lower back tattoo.  It’s no secret that I love tan tan noodles, and Nan Chuu’s version is one of the best I’ve had so far.


2. Goat Saag from Tandoori Kona.  This curry is a thing of braised beauty; the sauce is thick, spicy, and filled with tender chunks of meat.  Of course, this curry must be eaten with rice and naan, and preferably the rest of Tandoori Kona’s menu.


3. Hamburg Steak from Moncton Café.  The day I ate this was a particularly cold and blustery one, and the minced beef steak smothered in rich onion and mushroom gravy was just what I needed.


4. Soup from Cattle Café.  Since you pick your own soup base, fillings, and noodles, there are about 1001 kinds of soup you can get at Cattle Café, but this particular combo is my favourite: laksa soup base (also love the chili peanut), with bean curd, pumpkin, mushrooms, and udon noodles.  The bowls of soup are huge, and so, so satisfying.


5. Shepherd’s Pie from The Highlander Pub.  It’s meat, it’s gravy, it’s a crust of mashed potatoes, and it’s filling.  It’s the UK solution to all that ails you.



LA Grill and Bistro

8100 No. 2 Road, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available