Some days are beer days.  Stout days, in fact.  You want nothing more than a tall, inky-black pint of Guinness and some cheesy food.  When my friend Jason told me he was in the mood for “Bubble tea or Guinness,” the latter it was!

I looked up the closest place that would have it, and we ended up at Legends Pub and Restaurant on Buswell Road.

It’s exactly what you’d expect for a sports bar; friendly, heavily decorated with memorabilia, and filled with screens playing sports I’m incapable of discussing intelligently.  Or discussing at all, really.  Instead, we talked about the time Jason was hunting and came across an old abandoned homestead.  It was still filled with a family’s long forgotten possessions, including newspapers from the 1930’s and a cookbook with recipes for cooking wild game.  When he got to that part, Jason’s eyes lit up and he said “Oh!  And there was a recipe for porcupine goulash in it!  I should have taken it for YOU!”  I know this is unrelated to Legends and stout, but porcupine goulash so rarely comes up I just had to share it.  Best story ever.

To start, we ordered two pints of Guinness and a mexi dip ($9.25).  It was like a seven-layer dip, with refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, cheese (real cheddar, hallelujah) and jalapeños.  It came with freshly fried tortillas and was cheesy and satisfying, though I would have appreciated more seasoning in the various dip layers.

After that, we split a Legends Burger ($10) with the works: bacon, cheddar, and fried mushrooms.  For a few bucks more we upgraded to yam fries, which was worth it.

They came with chipotle mayo and were crunchy, sweet, and impossible to stop eating.  The burger patty was juicy and the toppings were generous.  Jason pointed out that the bacon was especially good – it was cooked it to that perfect point of crisp-chewiness.

All in all, a darn good burger.  In case you haven’t heard any bacon-dedicated slam poetry lately, here’s some to get your day started:

When I got home, I got to thinking about the ways in which stout can be used in the kitchen.  Among the many options there’s Guinness chocolate cake, Guinness pot pie, chocolate Guinness ice cream, Guinness rye bread, and a recipe that especially caught my eye – Guinness mustard.  I found it on a blog called Kiss My Spatula, whose author provides great recipes, sublime photos, and music pairings for each post.  So yes, I kind of fell in love.  What are you to pair with homemade grainy Guinness mustard?  I Can’t Stop Loving You by Van Morrison, obviously.  You’ll find her awesomely simple recipe here.

If you’re in the mood for a beer and some classic pub food, Legends is your place.  They also have pool tables and live entertainment on the weekends, and of course, a whole bunch of sports.  Go my favourite sports team, go!



Legends Pub and Restaurant

6511 Buswell Street, Richmond BC

Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available