Britannia Shipyard

Yesterday, my plan was to head out in a boat with Steveston Eco-Tours and see Sea Lions.  Unfortunately, some rogue morning waves cancelled the trip, and while that was disappointing, I was grateful to be spared the seasickness.  Pirate that I am, I dealt with the bad news by eating a Sweet Spot cookie.  Arrrrrrrr it was so chocolately.

Steveston tulips

The day might have been windy, but it was also spectacularly sunny, and I was glad to be in Steveston.  I worked on my computer at Rocanini for a while, then walked over to get lunch at Mandalay Lounge and Steakhouse, sister restaurant to Hog Shack.

Mandalay Lounge

Mandalay is located right on the water, so I enjoyed this view while I dined.

Mandalay Lounge

Not bad, not bad at all.

Mandalay Lounge

There was only one server taking care of the chill, South-Asian-styled restaurant – a multi-tasking superwoman named Jennifer.  She was brighter as the sun, and one of my favourite servers in Richmond to date.

The lunch menu at Mandalay included appetizers, various ‘Express’ noodle and rice bowls, a few entrees, and desserts.  Their drink list was extensive, with martinis, cocktails, shared pitchers, specialty beers, wines, spirits, and more.

Mandalay Lounge menu

I wanted a filling but lighter meal, so I ordered the small Triple Berry salad, ($7) crab cakes ($8), and 4 chicken satay skewers ($8).

The chicken skewers were barbequed and tasted like summer.

chicken satay skewers

They came with crushed peanuts, peanut sauce, and kecap manis – which is a sweet Indonesian soy sauce that I absolutely LOVE.

kecap manis

The crab cakes were drizzled with sweet chili sauce and lychee yogurt.  They were decent, though I thought the crab mixture could have used more seasoning.

crab cakes

The salad was an interesting mix of greens, sliced almonds, pickled ginger, deep-fried yam chips, strawberries, and cherry tomatoes, tossed together in a berry dressing.  I found the tomatoes to be altogether unnecessary, but the rest of the salad was tasty.

triple berry salad

The ginger was a nice touch, and the crispy yam chips tasted like smaller versions of the ones I bought at the Steveston Winter Farmers Market last month, and I wanted more.  More!

triple berry salad

I’d suggest stopping into Mandalay Lounge for a drink or two, some shared food, and a view that’s bound to deliver a spectacular sunset.


After lunch, I walked over to Britannia Shipyards, and setup my next ‘office’ near the bunkhouses on the water.


I’ve been to Britannia countless times now, but I still notice something new each time I’m there.   Yesterday it was these tracks, running from boathouse to water, with a winch shed on one side to pull boats out of the muddy water.

Britannia Shipyards

Britannia Shipyards

It was a gorgeous day all-around.  Sea lions, we may not have had the chance to meet yesterday, but we will make another date to hang out soon.  I swear on my pirate honour.

Britannia Shipyards

Britannia Shipyards

Britannia Shipyards


Mandalay Lounge and Steakhouse

3900 Bayview St, Richmond, BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available