Another night at The Hilton, another dinner in.  I can’t help it!  It’s just too comfy, and since there were a few restaurants literally within a stone’s throw, we decided to try one of them.  My friend Dana came and joined me for the night, and while I don’t want to brag, I will say that we may be the greatest Decadent Ladies’ Night Relaxation Experts of all time.

Wanting some cozy comfort foods, we picked up our meal from Monterey Greek Taverna, just across the street.  We ordered Spanakopita ($7.95) to start, a small order of Lamb Souvlaki ($14.95), and the Vegetarian Moussaka ($15.95).  The moussaka came with a Greek salad, and the souvlaki meal included pita bread, tzatziki, rice pilaf, and roasted potatoes.  It came to about $20 each, and was more than enough food for two people.

We donned our robes, and dug in.

The spanakopita was tasty, and we were big fans of the tzatziki, which was especially garlicky.

The rice pilaf was really lovely, and the potatoes lemony and rich!  Some of them were kind of bland, actually;  it was hit or miss.

The grilled lamb souvlaki was tender and well-marinated.  I think we easily could have eaten a skewer each to ourselves.

The salad was pretty standard – just tomato, cucumber, red onion, and feta.

The meal’s one major disappointment was the moussaka.  It had a layer of thick layer of tomato sauce in the middle, which overwhelmed all the other flavours, and the bechamel on top wasn’t fluffy or flavoured with nutmeg – it was kind of bland, and almost biscuit-y.

Therefore, if you’re a vegetarian who’s eating at Monterey, I’d suggest going with the Spanakopita meal instead.  They also offer a variety of pizzas, including two vegetarian options.

Filled right up, we waited all of 15 minutes before digging in to the Ben and Jerry’s Half-Baked pint of ice cream we’d picked up from Price Smart Foods.  I told you we were good at this.  We enjoyed the chunks of cookie dough and brownie (and perhaps also a sea salt dark chocolate bar) while watching the Women of SNL movie.

I cannot even begin to tell you my love of women like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristin Wiig, and Maya Rudolph, and getting to watch a montage of their brilliant performances on Saturday Night Live while wearing a hotel robe and eating ice cream was amazing.  They are simply my heroes.  We watched Bridesmaids after, just ’cause we couldn’t get enough.

Today I head back out into the real world, feeling relaxed, re-charged, and all laughed-out.

Have a great Monday, all!

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Monterey Greek Taverna

5960 Minoru Boulevard, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options (and takeout) available