Moutai Plus exterior

I’m here to tell you about my 361st meal, AND give you a comprehensive list of my favourite desserts during the second half of this campaign.  I gave you the first half in December, and am I the type of person to leave you with no Richmond Sweets guidance before I go?  Pfffft.  I most certainly am NOT.

Before the sugar comes the spice, at Moutai Plus Szechuan Restaurant.  It’s right next door to Chen’s Shanghai Kitchen, but because it’s a true hole in the wall and has a red sign just like Chen’s, I’d never noticed it before.  My friend Stacey and I arrived just before a crazy rush – I’m assuming a tour bus dropped a load of people off, because one minute it was quiet, and the next our poor server was practically sprinting between packed tables.

Moutai Plus interior

Despite it being Szechuan, they do have a number of non-Szechuan dishes, and our order wasn’t spicy in the least.  We had a hot pot, the pan-fried pork buns, a vegetable dish, and the smoked duck.

hot pot noodles

The hot pot came with intestine, black fungus, tofu puffs, sliced ham, shrimp, fish balls, noodles, cabbage, noodles, and yellow zucchini in a very mild broth.

hot pot

The pan-fried juicy pork buns were especially golden brown and crunchy, and I think I ate more than my fair share on the plate.  These have become one of my favourite foods in Richmond, and I find there are few more satisfying things than biting into one when I’m hungry.

pan-fried crispy pork buns

The Buddha’s Feast vegetables were very saucy, with fried soft tofu (I loved its custardy texture), peppers, mushrooms, bok choy, and some more yellow zucchini.

Buddha's feast

The smoked duck, which was served cold, tasted like Easter to me.  Why?  Because it tasted like a very salty ham.

smoked duck

I felt like slathering it with mustard (French’s, to be specific, which my family always makes fun of me for since there’s usually much classier options on the table), and eating it with broccoli casserole and scalloped potatoes, with chocolate Easter eggs for dessert.  But alas, there was none of that!  Just a seriously tasty and tender duck.

smoked duck

Our huge meal at Moutai Plus came to $32.87, and they also sell frozen dumplings to take home.

frozen dumplings

Onto the sweet stuff!  You can find my favourite desserts of the first half of the year here, and now I’ll list some of the ones that have delighted me most in the last 182 days.  Unsurprisingly, the first two are cake.

Coconut Cake from Steveston Village Vietnamese

toasted coconut cake


Red Velvet Cake from the Farmhouse Bakery (their Hummingbird Cake and butter tarts are also pretty stellar)

red velvet cake


Sweets from L’Opera Patisserie



Dessert Tofu from Excellent Tofu and Snack

Excellent Tofu and Snack


Shaved Ice from Frappe Bliss

Frappe Bliss


Sugar Cookies from Broadmoor Bakery

sugar cookies Broadmoor Bakery


Dessert Taro from Cheung’s Chiu Chow Restaurant

dessert taro


Phoenix Cookies from Your Dessert (their bubble waffles are also the best I’ve had)

Phoenix cookies


Shaved Ice dessert from Leisure Tea

Shaved ice from Leisure Tea


Steamed cake from Neptune

steamed cake

Whoa there Linds, time to stop.

Just don’t forget about my all-time favourite: pineapple coconut buns from Pine House Bakery in the Richmond Public Market.  And Sweet Spot, Bell’s, Sinfully the Best, Coconama, and Papi’s, ETC ETC.

Ok, I’m done.

…done-ish.  Speaking of treats, come meet me at the Visitors’ Centre in Steveston today!  There will be cupcakes, donuts, cookies, scones, and chocolates – I look forward to meeting you!  Details here.


Moutai Plus Restaurant

8101 Park Road, Richmond BC


Not sure if cards are accepted, so to be on the safe side, bring cash!

Vegetarian options available