If there’s one thing I surely appreciate, it’s a good pun.  Actually, I appreciate bad puns too, and fortunately have friends who share this play-on-word-love.  After all, it’s easy for pun-lovers to be ostracized if they’re hanging out with the wrong group.

Therefore, when I went to Pho Ten and saw this on their menu, I was pretty tickled.

Pho puns may be endless and well-used, but that doesn’t mean they’re not awesome.

I discovered Pho Ten the other day when chasing lost tortillas, and returned to Ironwood to check it out.  It’s large and tidy, with a friendly staff.

I started with two appetizers– a salad roll with peanut sauce ($2.50), and a Chao Tom, which is the ‘bouncy’ garlic shrimp paste wrapped around sugarcane ($2.95/stick).

The salad roll was pretty standard, with a good strong peanut sauce for dipping.

The chao tom was very good, though I preferred the version at Pho Queen slightly more, just because it was spiced with paprika and had a stronger garlic flavour.

For my main course, I ordered a bowl of Pho Ga Ca Biet (small, $6.95), which is a chicken soup with rice noodles, boneless chicken, and quail eggs.  As usual, the small portion was huge, and came with bean sprouts, Thai basil, a wedge of lime, and some sliced pepper.

There was a generous amount of sliced chicken, and 3 or 4 soft-boiled quail eggs floating in the broth.  It was a warming, flavourful, and filling bowl of soup, and I’d highly recommend Pho Ten if you’re in the Ironwood area and craving Vietnamese.


Let’s make today a Meatless Monday, shall we?  Here are my favourite vegan and vegetarian dishes in Richmond, with some honourable mentions at the end.  So many vegetables, pho you and pho me.

                                                              Top Five Vegetarian Dishes in Richmond

1. Fried Tofu Stew from 4 Stones Vegetarian.  This dish is so savoury, hearty, and textural, even the most carnivorous of eaters will be battling to lick the bowl.  ALL the options at this vegan/vegetarian restaurant are excellent.


2. Soup with Vegetable Dumplings and Tofu from House of Tofu Soup.  The dumplings and soft cubes of tofu come simmering in a spicy red broth, and have rice and endless vegetarian condiments to go along with them.


3. Hand-pulled Noodles from Xi’an Cuisine.  This modest little stall at The Richmond Public Market makes the freshest plate of vegetarian noodles you’ll get.  They’re stretched by hand in front of you, taken to the back, sautéed with vegetables, topped with a fried egg, and boom!  A wickedly good meatless meal.


4. Palak Paneer from Bhinder’s Indian Cuisine.  I had this dish recently, and really enjoyed it; it’s a spinach-based curry with cubes of homemade paneer, a fresh Indian cheese that’s a great protein-alternative.


5. Avocado Salad with Cashews and Ginger Lemon Dressing from Spicy Vegetarian Cuisine.  This vegan salad was light, but really hearty, with plenty of ripe avocado, crunchy cashews and a phenomenal dressing.  One of the best salads I’ve had in Richmond!


Honourable Mentions:

Vegetarian dumplings and Stewed Eggplant (request it without pork) from Dinesty
-Oyster Mushrooms, and Cold Taiwanese Noodles from 4 Stones Vegetarian
-Marinated Bean Curd with Vegetables from Suhang
-Gado Gado from Kari House
-Papaya Avocado Roll from Sakura Sushi
-Gomaae from Ichiro Sushi


Pho Ten

11080 No. 5 Road, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available