Pier 73 patio

Today, May 6th, is George Clooney’s birthday, and the day I enter my last month of dining in Richmond.  Can you believe it?  George is as handsome as ever, and we’ve made it 11/12ths of the way through my 365 days.  Once again the sun is out, I’ve replaced my Blundstones with sandals, and it’s spot prawn season again.  I’ve almost come full circle, and that’s a strange yet satisfying feeling.

View from Pier 73

No matter the time of year, one thing I always love is brunch.  I just love brunch SO MUCH.  Then there are brunches on hot May days, with two fine friends, on a patio with a view of the river and distant mountains.  Those ones practically make me weep with happiness.  I bet I love those even more than George loves his Italian villa.

Pier 73 patio

This kind of tear-inducing Sunday experience is entirely possible at Pier 73.

Pier 73

After a stunningly good sleep at the Delta YVR during my staycation, my friends Lindsay and Dana joined me for a meal on the Pier 73 patio.

Pier 73 brunch

They released a new brunch menu at Easter, and it’s a home run.  There is something for everyone, including classic spreads like the ‘Breakfast of Twos’ with eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast, and some ‘Un-Traditional’ offerings like the brioche French toast with blueberry compote, bacon, and white cheddar.  We opted to split the French toast ($12), the chorizo hash ($14), and the farmers benny ($13).

Pier 73 brunch menu

All were excellent, though my favourite was the benny with duck confit, goat’s cheese, oyster mushrooms, hollandaise sauce, and a biscuit base instead of an English muffin.  First of all, I firmly believe that if all restaurants used biscuits for their bennys instead of English muffins, the world would generally be a happier place.  It is an amazingly good combination.

farmers benny at Pier 73

Secondly, while the toppings on the farmers benny might sound rich, I assure they’re just right – the salty duck confit pairs perfectly with the chewy mushrooms, the creamy goat’s cheese, and herb-topped sauce, and can I just say thank you, Pier 73, for using Free Range eggs.  Not only are they ethically more sound, but they’re also so much more visually stunning on the plate.  It’s extremely satisfying to pierce a fork into a soft poached egg and see vibrant orange yolks running out.

The chorizo hash was also well-loved at our table; it features Gelderman pork chorizo breakfast sausages, sautéed onions, peppers, zucchini, roast potatoes, white cheddar, more jewel-like poached eggs, and a biscuit.  This is a hearty, slightly spicy, and flavourful bowl of breakfast.

chorizo hash

Finally, the brioche French toast.  This is an ideal brunch order for the person who, before ordering, sits gripping their menu and muttering “Do I want sweet?  Do I want savoury?  I just don’t know.  I am stressed.”  Trust me, I know how hard it can be deciding between the two – why can’t we have it all?  Berries, brioche, bacon, and cheese?  YOU CAN.  Pier 73’s French toast has three pieces of brioche, two thick slices of Gelderman’s bacon, heaps of blueberry compote, and melted white cheddar.

brioche French toast at Pier 73

I asked for maple syrup to go with it, because I REALLY wanted it all – sweet, salty, crispy, soft, melty, and syrupy goodness on one plate.  Now all you indecisive sweet/salty lovers can relax, because your ideal breakfast dish is a reality.

Thank you so much to Pier 73 for providing us with everything we needed for a fantastic Sunday brunch, and to the Delta YVR for a wonderful stay.

Delta YVR staycation

After our meal, I caught a glimpse of the hotel’s glittering pool, and wished I’d brought my bathing suit.

Delta YVR pool

Instead, Linds, Dana and I swung for a while on the garden’s wooden gazebo swing, which was as wholesome an experience I can think of.  We didn’t want to get off.

gazebo swing at Delta YVR

If you’re looking for a hotel in Richmond and green space is important to you, then consider the Delta YVR.  Their outdoor area is lush, right on the water, has a pool, and is the perfect spot to get some fresh air before flying.

Delta YVR garden

Or, to lazily sit while digesting brunch.  Either/or.


Happy Birthday, George!


Pier 73

3500 Cessna Drive, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available