Pioneer's Pub Richmond

Yesterday, struck by a sudden and strong urge for pub food, my friend and I headed south to Pioneer’s PubIt’s at Williams and No. 3, and is neighbours with Broadmoor Bakery, the place that bakes up such deliciously sweet and colourful sugar cookies.  You BET I picked up more.

At Pioneer’s Pub, I learned several new things:

Hugh Boyd, a Richmond pioneer, had an incredibly impressive beard and moustache.  For that reason, and several others, there are many places around the city that are named for him.

Hugh Boyd Richmond pioneer

The first ever airplane flight in British Columbia took place in Richmond, at the Minoru Racecourse on March 25th, 1910.  3500 Vancouverites crowded in to watch Charles K. Hamilton and his flying machine.  The so-called “Crazy Man of the Air,” Hamilton apparently survived over sixty crashes, was “known for his dangerous dives, spectacular crashes, extensive reconstructive surgeries, ever present cigarette” and was “frequently drunk.”  I think you’d need to be.

first bridge across Fraser River, Lulu Island

The first bridge to link Richmond and Vancouver was built across the Fraser River in 1889.  Though eventually replaced in 1957, it did not experience the same problems now facing the Port Mann.  That last bit is just an assumption, but probably a good one.

first bridge across Fraser River, Lulu Island

Finally, I learned that Pioneer’s Pub offers free popcorn to its customers, which pops regularly in their old-fashioned wheeled-cart popcorn maker.

popcorn maker at Pioneer's Pub

You just help yourself, and it is quite delightful.

popcorn from Pioneer's Pub

Actually, there’s a fifth thing I learned, and that’s that deep-fried pickle spears are scrumptious.  They have the same crunchy breaded exterior as mozza sticks, but of course, are a much saltier bite.  They cost $5.75.

deep-fried pickle spears

They’re served with a dip of your choice, so we asked for ranch, and ate those battered fermented cucumbers right up!

deep-fried pickle spears

We also split a chicken quesadilla with a side garden salad ($9.75), and asked for a serving of guacamole to go with it ($1.75).

chicken quesadilla at Pioneer's Pub

Besides being a little greasy, the quesadilla was tasty.  It had plenty of chicken and cheese, and more than enough salsa and sour cream to go with it.

Chicken quesadilla at Pioneer's Pub

The pub seemed to be a favourite hangout for the area’s 50-something retired crowd.  It’s an old-school, casual place with efficient service, decent pub food, and lots of screens for watching sports.  I imagine they’ll be airing the Super Bowl tomorrow!  I didn’t even know it was on until yesterday, so I obviously don’t have any grand plans for it.  Do you?  Care to share your favourite Super Bowl party snacks?  After all, everyone knows the best part of watching football is the food.  And the commercials.  Anyways, good luck to the….

….let me just look this up……

Ravens and 49ers!

Super Bowl 2013


Pioneer’s Pub

10111 No. 3 Road, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available, though the menu is meat-heavy