Each month, The Sharing Farm hosts a community potluck, and I joined in on Thursday evening.  Anyone is welcome to contribute to the feast, which is laid out on long, weathered picnic tables set in the garden.  There’s usually pizza from the cob oven – a wood-burning masterpiece constructed almost entirely from materials found in Richmond – and farm vegetables, fresh from the earth.

The people are warm, inviting, and convivial.  If you don’t have the chance to make a homemade dish, then buy something!  They’re easygoing, unpretentious, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Amongst the many gorgeous dishes there was a chocolate and vanilla mousse cake, made by the Diplomat Bakery and decorated with edible flowers by one of the potluckers.  A table spread with fresh summer foods is a truly sublime sight.

A few people I spoke with at the potluck recommended I try a nearby restaurant called Pisces, so that’s where I ended up yesterday.  They serve Indian food and fish and chips, a combination which makes everyone  furrow their brows and say “Huh!  Strange!”

It’s located in a little plaza on Westminster Highway, not far from Terra Nova Park.  They have daily lunch specials for $8.99, including halibut and chips, butter chicken, chicken pitas, and chicken quesadillas, as well as dinner specials for $11.99.  I decided I had to try both Indian and English, and while I waited for my butter chicken and fish and chips to arrive, I watched the beginning of the Olympic coverage on the restaurant’s TV.  Only then did it occur to me that the pairing of curry and fish and chips isn’t strange at all, because WHAT could be more English than those two foods?  NOTHING!  Curry is the most popular food in the UK today – considered by many a national dish – and of course fish and chips are an English staple.  There you go – Pisces isn’t bizarre, they’re bang-on!

The portions are generous, particularly for the butter chicken.  The pot of curry was served with a large amount of steamed basmati and a caesar salad.  The butter chicken is far from the best I’ve had – not enough aromatic spice – but it was still satisfying.  I could’ve done without the creamy caesar, but maybe I’m just picky about my vegetables these days.

Curry aside, the main surprise for me were the fish and chips.  SO GOOD!  The batter was golden, crunchy, and even better with a squeeze of the fresh lemon wedge provided.

In combination with the properly tangy tartar sauce, I found myself enjoying these fish and chips even more than Dave’s and Pajo’s (gasp, I said it!).  The quality of the fish wasn’t quite as good, and Pisces lacks the glamour of a seaside setting, but they win best batter and tartar sauce for sure.  Ball!  Knocked!  Outta!  Park!  In my opinion, fish and chips at Pisces are the way to go.

I finished my day off at an Opening Ceremonies party hosted by my friend Jillian, which included a game of Olympic bingo designed by Jill herself.  Butter chicken, fish and chips, opening ceremonies, AND a genius game?  What a splendid day.


Pisces Restaurant

3675 Westminster Highway, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian curry options available