Cherry blossoms

Happy Easter weekend, everyone!  The cherry blossoms are out and the sun has settled in, ready to illuminate the dark corners where chocolate eggs hide.  Yesterday the mountains looked crazy handsome, the air was perfumed, and I felt alive.

Singapore chicken curry and roti

Ah yes, and there’s also the added fact that yesterday I found another place for roti.  The cherry on top of an already ice cream sundae day.  Polytaste Curry Kitchen is in the Admiralty Centre food court, which is a place I hadn’t realized existed until I went to J&C Top Gun Restaurant the other day.

Admiralty Centre food court

Most of the vendors sell Hong Kong-style food, but I opted for the Polytaste Curry Kitchen stall as soon as I saw roti paratha and Singapore chicken curry on their menu.  It came to $10 even, and took about seven or eight minutes to prepare.

Rather than ranting yet again, I will refer you back to my roti-love post, where I go on for a good long while about how much I love this flaky flatbread.  Fortunately, I can say that yesterday’s roti from Polytaste Curry Kitchen gets added to the Best Of list – it was WICKED good.

roti with curry sauce

The curry was mildly spicy (if you want more heat, ask for their Hong Kong style curry, and if you want less heat, ask for their Thai curry).  The sauce had chunks of carrot, potato, pepper, and grilled chicken in it, and was served with a large scoop of white rice and a single piece of baby bok choy.  I take my greens where I can get ‘em!  The curry was good – no Mui Garden, but thick and flavourful.

Singapore chicken curry

After my Curry Kitchen meal, I went to another stall called “Your Dessert,” to get My Dessert.

Your Dessert

They offer various fruity bubble teas and juices, as well as egg waffles, waffles, fruit crepes, and crunchy snacks and cookies.  I asked for a watermelon juice, a bubble waffle, and a package of their sweet sesame phoenix roll cookies (all of which also came to exactly $10).

Chinese phoenix cookies

They also have phoenix cookies with rousong, and rousong + seaweed.  It was a post-lunch snack, so I kept it sweet (more about them below).  I took my treats and walked to a quiet, nearby courtyard.  It’s just a few doors down from the German deli, and one of my favourite places to eat lunch.

courtyard on McKim Way
The bubble waffle was the best I’ve had in Richmond.  Just when I was beginning to think they all tasted the same, this one proved a bubble above.

bubble waffle from Your Dessert

Why?  Because it had the unmistakable flavour of BUTTER in it, and I love butter.  Good, pure, buttery goodness, with a crispy outer shell and chewy interior.

bubble waffle from Your Dessert

The phoenix rolls were cookies made from thin crispy dough folded up like small, square crepes.  They were unbelievably delicate and flaky – with just the tiniest amount of pressure they’d shatter, so it’s best to just throw them back in one bite.  Even if you’re careful, you’re bound to end up with approximately 10 000 crumbs in your lap, so is the mess worth it?

Chinese Phoenix cookies

YES.  The light, crispy texture combined with the mildly sweet, nutty filling is wonderful.  Completely moreish.  Just be sure to open these things up when you’re standing over the sink, or outside.  Not on the clean couch – trust me.

Chinese phoenix cookies

The watermelon juice was refreshing – just the thing for a sunny day.

watermelon juice from

I’ll certainly be back to the Admiralty food court for some more home cookin’, and likely a few more treats.  Now I’m off to enjoy this sunshine; here’s a bright, happy song to lead us into the weekend…..


Polytaste Curry Kitchen

8700 McKim Way, Richmond BC (in the Admiralty Centre mall)


Cash only

Vegetarian options available, though the menu is quite meat heavy



Your Dessert

8700 McKim Way, Richmond BC (in the Admiralty Centre mall)


Cash only

Vegetarian options available