There’s a Richmond restaurant owner who’s frequently told by customers “your sign has a typo.”  His response?  “No, actually, broasted chicken is a real thing.  Would you like to try some?”

I had my own lesson in all things broaster after visiting the restaurant, Red Rooster, a new-ish chicken/burger/pizza shop at Cambie and No. 5 Road.

So what does this strange word mean?  In large, stainless steel pressure fryers, broasting uses a combination of broiling + roasting techniques to cook chicken.  The result looks like traditional fried chicken, but is less greasy, more juicy, and still really delicious.  While it’s hardly diet food, it is better for you than KFC.

Broasting originated in North American during the 70’s and 80’s, but fell out of favour in the following decades.  It dug in its heels abroad, however, and remains popular in Pakistan, where the owner of Red Rooster is from.  One reason for its North American demise is that broasted chicken has to be eaten fresh; unlike regular fried chicken, it can’t be made ahead of time and kept under heat lamps, or else it’ll go soggy.  It’s fast food that requires a little patience.

I ordered one piece of chicken ($3.49, I paid extra for white meat), a side of fries ($2.49), and a tandoori chicken pizza with green pepper and mushrooms (Lg: $11.99, Med: $10.99, Sm: $8.99).

Once my order was ready, I took it across the street to a lovely little park.  I take every opportunity I can these days to sit outside if it’s not raining.

The chicken was incredibly juicy, and the crispy batter on the outside was salty and spiced.

You really do have to eat it right away, however, as the batter loses its crispiness if you let it sit too long.  The fries were really good, even though they didn’t appear to be fresh cut.

The pizza was really satisfying.  I wouldn’t say you could taste a lot of curry in the shredded chicken, but it had flavourful spice to it and a generous amount of toppings.

If I lived in the area, this is probably where I’d get my ‘zza.

If you’d like to try a food that’s North American-born but now a Pakistani original, go to Red Rooster.  Broasted chicken is something a little different, but still appealing in a southern comfort food kind of way.

Just look for the shop with (the supposed) typo.


Red Rooster

4119 No. 5 Road, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

A few vegetarian options available