Richmond Sushi Christmas decorations

I’m heading into that “end of December I-CRAVE-GREEN-VEGETABLES” phase, and doubt I’m the only one.  The last few weeks have been filled with lavish meals, endless bottles of wine, and snacks cut from cookie dough or bars of chocolate.  I’ve embraced this holiday season with open arms, but those arms now wish to wrap themselves around a giant head of kale.

As always, when I need something on the lighter side, I go for Japanese food.  I decided to try Richmond Sushi on Capstan Way, which is a large restaurant run by the Top Gun group.  They decorated the heck out of that place for Christmas!

Richmond Sushi Interior
The deluxe All You Can Eat (AYCE) menu is $32.95, and I ordered the edamame, the BBQ’ed black cod, one inari nigiri, one Hamachi nigiri, the black pepper tuna tataki, and the Top Gun roll.

The edamame were good and salty, always a satisfying snack.

edamame at Richmond Sushi
The black cod came next, and was finally something to rival Kiriri’s miso black cod!  It wasn’t quite as remarkable, but these two slices were tender, pure, buttery goodness.  I was thrilled with this tiny dish.

Grilled black cod at Richmond Sushi
As for the nigiri, the unari ‘skin’ didn’t have quite as much bite as I’d like, but it was full of sweet flavour.  The Hamachi was smooth, rich, and such a gorgeous colour.  The rice wasn’t phenomenal, but decent.

Unari sushi and Hamachi sushi at Richmond Sushi
The slices of black pepper tuna tataki had the most finely-seared edge I’d ever seen, and were resting in a vinegary marinade with plenty of fresh garlic.  I found the heavy dousing of pepper to be a bit much, but otherwise the dish was excellent.

Tuna tataki with black pepper at Richmond Sushi
The Top Gun roll was less thrilling – it had imitation crab, crispy tempura bits, lettuce and tobiko.  The tempura and tobiko didn’t provide enough of a crunch to contrast with the soft, mayo-y crab.  It was ok, but not terribly noteworthy.

Top Gun roll at Richmond Sushi
I felt perfectly-sufficed after these dishes, and had a hard time convincing my server I didn’t wish to order more.  I felt great when I left (food-coma free), and happy to have discovered another excellent black cod dish.

Good to note – if you’re a fan of AYCE, the Top Gun group offers discount cards.  If used at Richmond Sushi, you get 10% off!

Top Gun discount card

This morning while I wrote, I drank a Happy Planet smoothie, which was uber-healthy and full of good stuff.  Seeing as we’re not out of December just yet though, I’ll supplement it with some Purdy’s chocolates.  After all, we must ease ourselves out of the holidays, lest we deprive our stomachs too quickly of the season’s culinary splendours and do permanent damage to our delicate systems.

Sooooo, which one(s) should I choose?

Purdy's Chocolates



Richmond Sushi

8388 Capstan Way, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available