Yesterday was October 1st, and I got so darn excited I headed straight to the pumpkin patch at Richmond Country Farms.  Once there, I discovered it doesn’t actually open until the 6th.  So why do still I look like a happy three year-old who’s just discovered her first pumpkin?  Because how could anyone be sad when there’s still crate after crate of Autumnal produce to explore?  Squash!  Gourds!  Corn!  Okanagan fruit!  Local cranberries!  Chestnuts!  Ahhhh I just love it, I love it all SO MUCH.

If you live in Richmond, this is the place to come for your Fall produce.  The prices were incredibly reasonable (I got three squash and a large bag of cranberries for $5) and much of it’s local.  I’ve never cooked with fresh cranberries before, only frozen ones, so I’m looking forward to stewing up these vibrant, red Richmond beauties.

Then there’s the squash, rough-hewn and handsome.  Some were large enough they’d need two people to haul them around, while others were so small they could be held in the palm of your hand.

There were hundreds of corn cobs, including a box of rarer varieties with glossy, gem-like kernels.

So even with the pumpkin patch yet to open, the farm is still a lovely place to revel in fall colours.  They have exquisite bouquets of flowers,

and a few characters wandering around, dressed for the season.

I’m looking forward to going back to the farm when the patch opens, but if you’d like a sneak peak now, here’s a video (with a really cute kid!) that Video Chris of The Richmond Reel put together last year:

After squash-shopping, we caught the bus back to Brighouse Station (if you don’t have a car, the number 403 takes you directly to the farm and back) and got sushi.

Sakura Sushi is a few doors down from Bob’s Subs, in the shopping plaza just south of the skytrain station.  It’s a small and modest restaurant with inexpensive food, and honestly, I didn’t expect much.  I was therefore pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be wonderful. 

We decided to make it a vegetarian lunch and ordered the Chuka Seaweed Salad ($3), the Vegetable Udon ($5.25), the Papaya Avocado Roll ($3.75), and the Kanpyo Maki roll ($2).

The seaweed salad was excellent, though I thought it was a little too cold when it first came out!  I also have sensitive teeth, so maybe it shocked them a little after the complimentary miso soup they’d brought over.

The vegetable udon soup had sweet/savoury marinated bean curd, seaweed, asparagus, and long white udon noodles in a warming broth.  It was a simple dish, but one we just couldn’t stop eating.  This would make the perfect lunch on a rainy day.

The papaya avocado roll wasn’t fancy, but it was one of the best-tasting rolls I’ve had in Richmond so far.  The rice was actually the best part – it was delicately flavoured (almost sweet), and pressed to just the right thickness for the roll.

The papaya and avocado inside were perfectly ripe, and the flavours of both were brought out by the soy sauce.  This unassuming little roll was great!

The kanpyo roll was ordered in tribute to the season.  Kanpyo are the dried shavings of a type of gourd, which are reconstituted in boiling water (often with stock added for flavour) and commonly used as a filling for rolls.  It was dark, mild in taste, and really quite pleasant.

This meal was simple, inexpensive (it came to about $7 each), and so satisfying.  I would definitely go back, and think Sakura would be especially good for takeout, considering its close proximity to Brighouse Station and Richmond Centre.

Thank you again to The Hilton for my wonderful and relaxing stay this weekend!  If you’re in the area, I’d highly recommend a visit to Richmond Country Farms, and stay tuned for my visit to the pumpkin patch (once it’s actually opened…..)

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Sakura Sushi

6390 No. 3 Road, Richmond BC

Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options (and takeout) available


Richmond Country Farms

12900 Steveston Highway, Richmond BC

Pumpkin Patch opens October 6th!