xiao long bao

Yesterday, after I’d finished working out, I was so, so hungry and specifically craving Shanghainese food.

The Problem: I was alone, a situation not conducive to the family-style servings of dishes in Shanghainese restaurants.  Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to make friends with three or four strangers on the street and invite them to dinner.

Solution: Shanghai Shanghai in Aberdeen Centre, which has individually portioned Shanghainese dishes.  Plus, if you order too much and are slightly embarrassed by it, you can hide in the corner and no one will judge you.

Shanghai Shanghai

Now that you’ve seen my wildly impressive problem-solving skills, let’s talk about what I ate.

Shanghai Shanghai offers various dumplings, pancakes, noodles, soups, and fried rice, available as whole dishes or in combos of smaller ones.  What I REALLY wanted was the pan-fried juicy pork buns, but unfortunately they were already sold out.  Instead, I ordered the xiao long bao, green onion pancake with beef, and the fried Shanghai noodles.

The meal cost $20.10, and was enough to feed two people.

The fried Shanghai noodles were JUST what I wanted to fill my growling stomach.  They were flavourful but not greasy, cooked for just the right amount of time, and had salty slices of pork and sautéed bok choy.

Shanghai fried thick noodles

The green onion pancake had oyster sauce, paper-thin slices of beef, and julienned cucumber, and was also pretty tasty.

green onion pancake with beef

It wasn’t as hot as I would have liked, though.

green onion pancake with beef

The one thing that did not satisfy my Shanghainese cravings was the xiao long bao.  I liked that they were bite-size, but while they were juicy, they were also really greasy.  This is obviously a dish best ordered in a restaurant.

xiao long bao

The meal came with a complimentary bowl of soup, which was either seaweed in hot water, or seaweed in the mildest broth I’ve ever tasted.  It wasn’t exactly scrumptious, but I ate it anyway, because seaweed + hot water can only be good for me, right?

seaweed soup

One thing I noted as I began taking photos was the light – THE LIGHT!  These pictures were taken at 6:30pm and see how bright it is?  I may have been cursing daylight savings time when I woke up yesterday, but as of dinnertime yesterday I’ve been praising it.  Thanks DST.

Aberdeen Centre

Next problem:  Arriving home and really wanting dessert, only to discover my chocolate supply had dwindled to absolutely nill.

Solution: Opening the cupboard and finding I still had a salted caramel sable left from the day before!

Salted caramel sable

What a beautiful cookie.

Today’s problem:  The sky is spitting out so much rain you would think it’s trying to impress somebody.

Solution:  Still working on it, but it will probably look something like this:

Before I go, I’d like to put out the word to any knitters in the community – the Gateway Theatre has organized a creative fundraising campaign called Knit & Purl.

Knit and Purl Gateway Theatre

In support of the theatre and three other local charities, participants (individually or in teams) are asked to knit one or more 1×1 foot squares in any colour or style, and collect a minimum pledge of $20.  On April 22nd, the squares will be collected and stitched together into blankets, which will be donated to SOS Children’s Villages, Touchstone Family Association, and The Salvation Army’s Rotary Hospice House and Richmond House.  Funds raised will support the Gateway Theatre’s professional theatre and Academy youth programs.

Potential Problem: You don’t know how to knit.

Solution: Just make a donation!  You can do so here, or fill out a pledge form and get knitting.  Prizes are up for grabs, and this is the perfect opportunity to get together with your crafty friends.  Good luck to all!

Now, because it’s necessary: a kitten + yarn photo.

kitten with yarn



Shanghai Shanghai, Aberdeen Centre

4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond BC


Cash only

Not many vegetarian options available