Sportstown Soccer Arena indoor

If you’re a fan of soccer, tennis, swimming, and/or pubs, then what town should you visit?  Sportstown!


Located at the No. 5 Road and Highway 91, Sportstown is a massive sports complex open to the public.  The first person to greet you upon arrival will be David Beckham.  A two storey-tall David Beckham, to be exact, on a highway-sized billboard ad hung from the roof.

David Beckham Adidas ad

Enormous Dave screams victory to the parking lot, and while I would have loved to photograph him from outside the car, but it was pouring buckets and my camera said “NO.”

Sportstown sports shop

The main entrance to the complex opens into a sports shop, with stairs to the left leading up to the tavern.  The shop makes clear Sportstown’s No. 1 love: soccer.  There is plenty of sportswear, soccer balls, and memorabilia for sale.

Sportstown sports shop

Sportstown sports shop

In addition to the pub and store, the facility boasts a full indoor soccer arena, as well as a ‘bubble’ containing three separate soccer pads.

soccer bubble

There are competitive and recreational leagues, and the TSS Soccer Academy program for kids from grade one through to grade 12.

Sportstown indoor soccer field


The indoor soccer fields allow them to train from September through June, and many of the program’s students have gone on to play nationally and internationally.

Sportstown Indoor Soccer Arena

I’m sure that amongst the recreational soccer players, a much beloved feature of Sportstown is its tavern, located on the third floor overlooking the tennis courts.

Sportstown Tavern

It’s open to all ages, with a family-friendly section partially separated from the more pub-like side.  The soccer obsession continues here – there’s footie on TV, and the ceilings are covered in local and international jerseys.

Sportstown Tavern

The window I sat next to overlooked a patio and Sportstown’s swimming pool, both of which I assume are far more popular in the summer than on a rainy spring day.

Sportstown Tavern

The menu was dominated by classic pub grub: chicken wings, nachos, burgers, pizza, sandwiches, wraps, and of course, beer.

Sportstown Tavern menu

I ordered the Grand Slam Burger ($12) with half-yam fries, half-tossed salad.

Sportstown Tavern burger

The yam fries, which came with chipotle aioli, were wickedly crunchy and good.

Sportstown Tavern yam fries

The 6oz burger was also darn fine stuff, loaded with fried onions, cheddar, and bacon.  I was totally in the mood for a burger, and this did the trick.  The salad was pretty basic – lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and a few pea shoots, with balsamic dressing on the side.

Sportstown Tavern burger

Based on this meal, I bet the rest of the tavern’s menu would be hearty and satisfying, and if you’re a chicken wing fan, then Thursday is your night!  Mondays are $3.75 pints.


The Sportstown complex also includes this huge spread of tennis courts, which I peeked down at from the tavern.  They’re operated by a club you can join here!

tennis courts at Sportstown

So, if you need some good solid pub fare, a place to play tennis, a place to play soccer, a place to TALK about soccer, or a place to do all four, to which town will you head?  Yes, Sportstown.  You’ve got it.


I don’t know much about soccer myself, but I do know just how intense soccer fans’ love for the sport can be, and how often they (or at least Italian football fans) like to watch youtube videos about goals that make the announcer to shout “GOOOOOAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL!” until they seem likely to pass out from lack of oxygen.  In tribute to you die-hards out there, here’s a compilation of apparently’ impossible’ goals, set to a jazzy, inspirational tune.  ENJOY!


Sportstown Sports Complex

4991 No. 5 Road, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

A few vegetarian options available