strawberry tart

Day 323, and it’s still possible to find High Tea in Richmond at a restaurant that also offers reflexology services.  In case you were wondering.

Starry Night exterior

Starry Night (“Restaurant and Reflexology”) is located in a renovated house, tucked quietly in beside Costco.  It’s on a sleepy little street, and had this startlingly out-of-place little field behind it that suggested this area, now a hub of transportation and industry, was once rural farmland.  With the skytrain bridge just beyond it, the field behind Starry Night seemed startlingly out of place, and yet was so sublime!  We were intrigued by the whole scene.


Inside, the restaurant looked very ‘downtown.’  The colour scheme was all dark browns, black, and purple, and we sat in a sort of atrium, with glass ceilings that allowed the sun to pour in.


The other half was darker and lounge-like, with another seating section upstairs.  The food they offer is upscale Asian fusion, and only a day before did I learn they also do High Tea!


My friends Steph and Brie (+ Brie’s baby belly) joined me, so we all ordered the tea set ($15 each), as well as a chicken quesadilla ($7.99) and chocolate fondue ($11.99)

The chicken quesadilla……well, I’m not too sure how I felt about it.


The filling was cheesy and had plenty of chicken and peppers, but the tortilla was greasy and seemed deep-fried.  Eating it reminded me of something, and after a few bites I realized what – a chimichanga!!  Who used to eat those things?  Or still does?  They’re essentially deep-fried burritos, and I loved them when I was a teenager with an endless appetite.  Anyways, this chicken quesadilla tasted like a chimichanga, and I still haven’t decided how I feel about that.  The salad was lightly dressed, and very nice (of that I am sure).

The dark chocolate fondue was simple but decent – it came with marshmallows, sliced apple, pineapple, and banana.


I must admit, I most enjoyed having the fondue when I got to the end of my tea goodies, and dipped everything left into the chocolate.  Including chocolate cake.


So yes, onto the High Tea.


First of all, I felt so pleased to be sitting with two beautiful ladies in a sunny room, with tiers of hand-held edibles on the table before us.


High Tea isn’t just about the food – it’s as much about the experience of sharing it with friends, and this was a pretty swanky place to be doing it!


We each had our own tea stand, and the bottom plates held two scones (one cheese and one chocolate/raisin), with jam and garlic butter.


There was also a warmed mini quiche with cheese and ham.  Quiche is always tastier when it’s mini.


The second tier had a ham and cheese tea sandwich; a tuna salad ‘bite’; a cream cheese and salmon cracker;


and a crostini with pickled daikon, carrot, shrimp, and cocktail sauce (the most Asian-inspired bite in the whole meal).


The top tier was sweet – we each had a square of chocolate cake, slices of fresh fruit; a custard and strawberry tart with a little macaron cap; and what seemed like a white chocolate pistachio panna cotta.


My tart was the favourite of the four – it had excellent pastry, thick cream, fresh strawberries, and seemed to match the day nicely.


I suppose I should also mention the tea.  It was strong, dark, served in white mugs, and looked like coffee!  It was a black tea with a hint of fruit, and while I enjoyed it, I’m sure not everyone would appreciate it quite so strong.


Food-wise, this wasn’t the most impressive High Tea I’ve ever had, but it was still a really lovely (and unexpected) experience to have in this part of Richmond.  At $15 per person for tea, it’s also one of the most affordable high tea experiences you’ll find, and if it’s a sunny day you won’t be missing out!  And yes, Starry Night is also open at night.



Starry Night

9231 Beckwith Road, Richmond BC