Rozsi attacking camera!

Yesterday, a baby named Rozsi attacked my camera, and I could not have been happier about it.  I wish Rozsi was around to joyfully attack my camera every day.

My cousin Sarah, her husband Chris, and their two little girls (Rozsi and Isabella) are visiting from Calgary.  I used to see them all the time, but an entire year has sped by since we last visited, and in that time Roszi was born – until yesterday, I’d never met this adorable human being!  Fortunately, it only took Rozsi a minute or two of playing strange before she allowed me to cuddle and kiss her, and she began using me as a jungle gym.


I loved everything about yesterday.  I loved that Isabella was immediately my best friend again (and that she now calls me Aunty Lindsay).


I loved loved LOVED that we were all wearing Blundstones: one pair for a 28 year old, one pair for a five year old, and one pair for a one year old.  I just could not get over this.


I loved that it was sunny out, and that Sarah, Chris, our cousin Malcom, and I could take the kids to Steveston and down to the fish docks.

Steveston fish docks

The waterfront was packed with people, and with all the boats out again, I was reminded just how far into 365 days I am.

sea urchins

There was plenty to see, including the always-impressive sea urchins.  Bella was not into the idea of trying them, but she did enjoy looking at them (from a safe five feet away).


Finally, I loved that it was just the right day to try Steveston Pizza Co.!  This tiny shop is famous for its pizza, and located just across from the Gulf of Georgia Cannery.

Steveston Pizza Co.

Within the last year, Steveston Pizza Co. made international headlines because of its $450 pizza, with “thermidor of lobster and Black Alaskan black cod, with a side of Russian Osetra caviar.”  Apparently it was specially ordered by a customer, and the owners decided they might as well keep it on the menu.  If you’re feeling lush, now you know where to go!  And for anyone wishing to order this tonight – you’re out of luck.  It must be ordered a day in advance, and the same goes for their $120 pizza.

Steveston Pizza Co.

We stuck to the more traditionally-priced menu, which is arranged according to various themes, including “The Maraite Tree,” “Colours,” “Shades,” “Parallel World,” “The Element,” “The Journeys,” and “The Usual.”  Most regular-sized pizzas are $20, larges are $23, and most of the speciality “C” Pizzas cost around $28.  They also offer large salads, which are already prepared and perfect for takeaway.

There are all sorts of ingredients in Steveston Pizza Co.’s kitchen that you won’t see in a more traditional pizza shop, such as spicy elk sausage, Stilton blue cheese mousse, enoki mushrooms, sesame seaweed julienne, and saffron cream sauce.  Yes, it’s certainly possible to get a less adventurous, tomato-sauce-and-pepperoni option, but this is a good place to try something new.  So we did.

We had the Green Earth ($20) with roasted garlic, caramelized onion, spinach, enoki mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, and brie.

Green Earth Pizza

The Mexican ($20), with baja-roasted chicken breast, green peppers, onion, and a tomato/scallion/lime/cilantro salsa.

The Mexican Pizza

The C2 ($28), with Serrano ham, buffalo mozzarella, brie, semi-roasted tomatoes, and a dollop of roasted garlic mousse.

C2 pizza

Finally, we tried this magical concoction the chef whipped up.  I don’t even know what it’s called, but it had prawns, fresh basil, and a whole lotta cheesy goodness.


Each and every pizza was excellent, with a very generous amount of toppings nice, thin crusts.  One of the most impressive aspects was the presentation – with each box we opened there were oooohs! and aaaahhhhhs! at the sight of what was inside.  My favourite of the four was the Green Earth.


We also had a Mediterranean salad ($9), which I forgot to take pictures of before we destroyed it (I blame it on the baby!).  Let me assure you, however, that it was full of tasty greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a generous sprinkling of black olives and creamy feta.  It was dressed just right, with a simple drizzle of sweet balsamic and good olive oil.

We ALSO ordered takeout from Dave’s!  Sarah and Chris used to own a fish and chips shop in Australia, so they certainly needed to check out the fry scene in another seaside town.  They were impressed, so well done to the folk’s at Dave’s.

Dave's Fish and Chips

After our late lunch, we had some ice cream, and I took more pictures of the kids.  And our boots.  Miniature Blundstones will never cease to amaze me.

Sarah, Chris, Bella, and Rozsi – I miss you already.







Steveston Pizza Co.

3400 Moncton Street, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available