I convinced my friend Joel to join me not once, but twice for dinner this week!   As you can probably imagine, it’s not really all that difficult to entice a carnivore with the word BBQ.  Joel had never had Chinese BBQ before, and since I’d accidentally stumbled upon Sun Cheong Loong BBQ House an hour earlier, that’s where we went.  It’s a short walk from Brighouse Station, and next to a bakery.  I’d found it, in fact, only because I’d seen a sign for the bakery and couldn’t help but wander over.

Sun Cheong Loong had its juicy red meat hanging in the window, and its interior was sparse but spacious.  Our server was an absolute delight, checking in on us to make sure we had everything we needed, and offering us various condiments to eat with the meat.  She brought us mustard, for example, which was wildly good with the roast pork, and not a combination that had been suggested to me before.

We ordered the three meat combo + rice ($8.99 for duck, roast pork, and BBQ pork), and a side order of soy sauce chicken ($4.99).  Above all others, the roast pork won our hearts.  Made us swoon, in fact.  Its outer layer of crispy skin was crunchy like a cookie (yes, a pork fat cookie) and the meat was tender and layered with soft fat.  I genuinely enjoyed it.

The other meats were a little tricky to eat.  Both the soy sauce chicken and duck were nicely-flavoured, but many of the cuts were filled with bones, and it was hard to get at the meat.

Their BBQ pork was good though, especially with the extra sauce she brought over to us.

While it wasn’t my favourite of all BBQ joints in Richmond, I would recommend Sun Cheong Loong for lovely, friendly service and fantastic roast pork.

A further selling point is its proximity to dessert.  The Wheat Garden Bakery is right next door, with a variety of sweet and savoury takeaway options, including mooncakes.

Feeling adventurous (and because the packaging was really cute), we got a green tea mooncake, a chilled mango mooncake (Joel wanted to try Durian but they were all out, thank goodness) and a coconut black rice pudding.

They were all delicious.  Whiz-bang, in fact!  The green tea mooncake was very different from any I’ve tried before, particularly the outer part.  Cue hand-model Joel:

The mooncake’s outer crust (which I usually find to be rather bland) was light, buttery, and tasted just like shortbread – I LOVE SHORTBREAD.  I wouldn’t say the filling tasted strongly of green tea, but it was still sweet and pleasant.

The chilled mango mooncake also had an interesting outer layer; it was very soft and tasted like raw dough.  The mango filling was by far the best part; it tasted of natural mango, rather than the sweetened, artificial flavour that’s too often presented as the real thing.

Finally, the rice pudding proved to be an unexpected hit.  I must first say that I love (well-made) rice pudding, but I know it’s not for everyone.  The rice in this version was whole grain, not too sweet, and topped with a whipped coconut cream.  Different from what I’m used to, but smooth and utterly refreshing – it made me wish we were eating it on a beach in the middle of summer.

Actually, I take that back.  I don’t wish it was the middle of summer, because I think Autumn is resplendent.  My roommate and I are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner this year, and we’ve been busy preparing bits and pieces of it throughout week.

Sourdough bread loaves purchased to make bread crumbs?  CHECK. Broccoli and onions purchased to make the Anderson family’s favourite broccoli casserole?  CHECK.  Pounds and pounds of butter purchased to be used in everything?  CHECK.

Today’s project is turning the fresh cranberries I purchased from Richmond Country Farms into some sort of exquisite, ruby-red sauce.  I’d like to try a recipe with a twist – any suggestions?  And in case you’ve got a surplus of fresh crans and are looking to bake with them, here are some delectable ways you can put those little gems to work.  If you have any others you’d like to add to the list, please do so in the comments section below!

Pear, Cranberry, and Gingersnap Crumble (Thanks Kerry!)

Honey Cranberry Cornmeal Quickbread

Cranberry Coffee Cake

Cranberry Sorbet

Apple Cider Cranberry Ginger Punch


Sun Cheong Loong BBQ House

8191 Westminster Highway, Richmond BC


Cash only

Not many vegetarian options!

Wheat Garden Bakery

8191 Westminster Highway, Richmond BC


Cash only