Another sunny day, another picnic in the park.

A few days ago, a reader made this Google map for me, which shows the areas I’ve been frequenting and those I could obviously “show a little more love.”  Touché, Aggy!  I seem to be spending most of my time near the Canada Line or in Steveston – it’s time to head East or West.

When deciding on yesterday’s meal I thought “Ok, I’d like to be in the Blundell/Gilbert area, near-ish to a park, with my pal
, and eating something fresh.” It was like a game of Clue but without a dining room, candlestick, or Colonel Mustard.
Maybe next time we could get him involved.

After a few googulations I came up with Sushi Han, located in Blundell Centre Mall and a short drive from Minoru Park.
Since Marnie was free and sushi is picnic perfect, my day was sorted – game of Clue, WON!


This little joint has been in business for SEVENTEEN YEARS – respect, Sushi Han.  It’s a modest size but clean, orderly, and has plenty of seating,

They have a relatively standard menu, and we ordered three nigiri – Toro (tuna belly, $1.75)), Hamachi (yellowtail, $1.75), and Tobiko Egg (flying fish roe and quail egg, $1.50) – as well as the Spider Crab Roll ($4.95), Mango Cali Roll ($3.50), Spinach Roll ($3.00), and Takoyaki (octopus dumplings, $3.50).  I do realize that ordering something called a “Mango Cali Roll” makes us sound like two purse-swinging L.A.  teenagers called Chrissi and Mandi,* but mango, avocado, and crab just sounded too good to pass up.

*If your name is Chrissi or Mandi, I apologize and am sure you have wonderful taste.  If your name is Chrissi or Mandi and you ARE a

purse-swinging L.A. teenager, then you should order the Mango Cali Roll because YOU WILL LOVE IT.

Food in hand, we headed over to Minoru Park, tucked in behind the Richmond Centre mall.  I knew this park was there, but hadn’t realized just how awesome it is!  It’s quite extensive, and in our section there was a track, baseball field, wide open space ideal for tossing a frisbee, and leafy trees under which to ‘dine.’

We got ourselves settled and started in on the octopus dumplings; oddly enough, it had smelled exactly like salt and vinegar chips when we were in the car, but we couldn’t figure out what it was until we opened the box and the acidic aroma unveiled itself.  The dumplings were softer than I’d expected (the brown exterior made them look crunchy), and had an almost custard-like center with bits of octopus in it.  They were tasty, and I liked the contrast of the creamy mayo and vinegary dressing on top.

My favourite of the nigiri was the tuna belly, which was fatty and smooth – as Marnie said, “almost like butter.”  The yellowtail was good, though less flavourful and with a firmer texture.

I liked our third nigiri for the crunch of the glistening roe, though in a foolish attempt to share it with Marnie, I broke the quail egg’s yolk all over my hands.  Trying to split a raw yolk in half?  Seriously Linds, you’re a yellow-handed dreamer.  This is a one-bite deal.

My favourite of the rolls was also the simplest – spinach.  It was filled with gomae (wilted spinach in sweet sesame dressing), and when eaten with a small amount of soy sauce became the sweet/salty combo I adore.  The Mango Cali roll was good, too; the fruit was ripe and sweet, and the avocado cool and creamy.  Our least favourite of the three was the Spider Crab Roll, which had a nice crunch from the tempura and cucumber, but tasted a little bit fishy.  Or maybe it was just too mild in comparison to the others?  Who knows.

While it’s not necessarily remarkable, Sushi Han produces good, quick food.  The service was friendly, our meal was fresh, and it was just right for a picnic.  After 17 years in the biz, Sushi Han know what they’re doing, and they do it well.

Hearts, Sunshine, and Kisses from your California Girlz,

*<3 chrissi="" and="" mandi="" <3*<="" p="">

(aka, Linds and Marn).


Sushi Han

6020 Blundell Road, Richmond, BC V7C3M1