Sushi One

Blustery days are meant for food adventuring.  These adventures should ideally include: baked goods, sushi, more baked goods, coffee, and big jugs of maple syrup.  We covered all of these yesterday (as well as several of Suzie’s chocolate truffles). Pats on back.

The girls and I started out at Pine House Bakery, where I took them specifically to try the pineapple cocktail buns.  HUGE HIT.  So sweet.  So coconutty.

Pine House Coconut Bun

Next, we headed down to Steveston for a sushi lunch.  Sushi One recently opened on No. 1 Road, right next to Steveston Village Vietnamese.

Sushi One

It’s a sleek and modern space, and we sat next to the front window so we could continue to enjoy the sun.

Sunny Steveston

We ordered agedashi tofu, seaweed salad, gomaae (greens necessary on eating adventures, of course), flamed salmon sashimi, the Totem Roll, the Yew Street Roll, and the Original Mango Roll.

Sushi One rolls

They rolls were gorgeous.  The vegetarian Totem Roll ($10.95) had agedashi tofu and inari, which I don’t usually see as a topping for sushi rolls.  It added a bit of sweetness, and an interesting texture.

Totem Roll

The Yew Street Roll ($12.95) with BBQ’ed eel was topped by a generous amount of intricately-laid avocado – a MUST-order for those who are avo fans, or fans of the Kitsilano street it was named for.

Yew Street Roll

We saved the Original Mango roll ($10.95) for last, because it was so dessert-like.  Real crab and cucumber were topped by slices of fresh mango, as well as a tangy mango sauce.  They were sweet, jewel-like, and tasty!

Original Mango Roll

The portions of seaweed salad ($4.95) and gomaae ($4.95) were huge.

seaweed salad

The seaweed salad was excellent, and the gomaae was good, but not great.  They drizzled the sauce (which was nice and nutty) on top of the spinach rather than mixing it in, and the spinach was a bit on the chewy side.


The batter on the agedashi tofu ($5.95) was incredibly delicate – they looked like furry little creatures.  The tofu was soft and custardy inside and crunchy on the outside, and while I would have preferred the pieces to be more bite-size, I enjoyed it.

agedashi tofu

The flamed salmon sashimi ($12.95, yesterday’s special) was excellent.  The slices of salmon had the blowtorch passed over them briefly, were drizzled with a sweet/tart sauce, and sprinkled with something crunchy (we couldn’t figure out what).  The flavours were wonderful together, but we almost enjoyed the textural contrast more.  The pieces were just the right size, too.

flamed salmon sashimi

After lunch, feeling slightly devastated that the Sweet Spot Bakery wasn’t open because it was a Monday, I went next door to Steveston Village Vietnamese and bought us a piece of coconut cake (this being the most golden Plan B I could have possibly come up with).

Steveston Village Vietnamese

I was so determined to get that cake into my belly as quickly as possible, I plum forgot to take a picture of our slice.  Oh well, the girls (and I) loved it, so CHECK.  I want another piece now.


Next we had a mid-afternoon work session at Rocanini.  We got coffee and tea, and a lot of work done.


Last on the list was Superstore, because Suzie wanted to buy some of the ingredients that are difficult to find (or insanely expensive) in Colombia.  Maple syrup is definitely one of them, and fortunately for her we found these 1 litre jugs on for $12.97.  Happiness!


I love a good day of adventuring.  Sadly, we have to bid adieu to Suzie this morning, but I will see what else I can pack into her belly before she leaves for the airport.  Thank you, Richmond, for providing us with such an amazing culinary playground, and thank you, Suzie, for coming all the way from Bogota to play.  We miss you already.




Sushi One

12480 No. 1 Road, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian and vegan options available