Takeya Sushi

I’ve ridden the bus between Brighouse and Steveston many times, and therefore I’ve passed Takeya Sushi many times.  The other day, I finally decided to get off the bus and give it a try.

It’s in a shopping plaza at No. 1 Road and Francis, which has a collection of ‘butcher, baker, candlestick maker’ types of shops; there’s a green-grocer, liquor store, butcher, pharmacy, dry cleaners, grocery store, and some restaurants, including Takeya.  It’s a small sushi restaurant that’s been highly praised online, with many positive remarks on its consistency.

Takeya Sushi exterior

Takeya is so popular for takeout, they’ve designated a third of the restaurant just to form a takeout line, with the other section for dining in.  The space is small but bright and tidy, and the service is incredibly friendly.

Takeya Sushi interior

I ordered gomaae, three rolls, the grilled mackerel, and an order of curry to take home (I wanted to try it but knew I’d be WAY too full).

Gomaae is an excellent indicator of how the rest of your meal will go in a Japanese restaurant, and Takeya’s gomaae ($3.95) tied with Ichiro’s for the best I’ve had in Richmond.  The sesame sauce was mixed into spinach that was freshly blanched, tender, and so green I felt healthier just looking at it.


For rolls, I ordered the crunchy tuna roll, the mango vegetable roll, and the Rocky Mountain roll.  They were all fresh, just the right size, and really filling.

The crunchy tuna ($4.95) roll was filled with large chunks of raw tuna, avocado, mayo, and topped with crunchy bits of tempura batter.  The quality of the tuna and avocado were excellent, with the flavours of both coming through well.

crunchy tuna roll

The mango vegetable roll ($4.25) was wonderful.  It had a generous amount of mango, as well as some carrot, cucumber, and lettuce.  I’d double-check to make sure this doesn’t have any mayo, but if it doesn’t, it would be a great option for vegans.

mango vegetable roll

The Rocky Mountain roll ($5.95) was my favourite on the plate; it was warm, filled with thinly sliced beef, asparagus, and red pepper, wrapped in green soy paper, and drizzled with mayo.

Rocky Mountain Roll

It was like having a hearty bowl of gyudon in attractively-wrapped, bite-sized pieces.  I would definitely order this again.

Rocky Mountain Roll

My piece of grilled mackerel (saba shio yaki, $3.75) arrived blistered and shimmering – an impressive sight.  It came with a lemon wedge and small pile of snowy pureed daikon, which cut the strong, oily taste of the saba.


I liked this, but wouldn’t recommend it for people who don’t like particularly ‘fishy’ fish.

grilled mackerel

Later, when I got home and my appetite was renewed, I tried Takeya’s curry and rice ($7.25).  They also have curry meals with gyoza, and various kinds of fried meat, but I opted for the vegetarian version.  I was SO pleased with this plain combo of rice and curry sauce, which was thick, super-flavourful, and slightly spicy – the perfect dish for a cold day.  It might not have been the prettiest thing to look at it, but it was really good, and this bowl is only about half the portion I received.

curry and rice

Takeya was stellar, and I’m sure the people who live in this neighbourhood have a hard time not ordering dinner from them three or four nights a week.  It’s quick, satisfying, quality food – totally worth getting off the bus for.


Takeya Sushi

8671 No. 1 Road, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian and vegan options available