2013 Day planner

Yesterday my pal Lindsay was in town, and she gave me this for Christmas.  You can see why I love her.

Our friend Amy joined us for lunch, and as we drove through Richmond we tried to decide what we were in the mood for.  Pub food?  Sushi?  Dim sum?  As soon as Amy added “Thai” to our choices, that was it.  We had to have it.  We went to Thai Kitchen in the Blundell Centre at No. 2 Road and Blundell, which is just a small place tucked into a corner of the complex.  It was busy for lunch when we arrived, and while we were first given just the lunch menu, we asked to have a look at the full menu.  Thus began A Saucy Lunch, and I mean that quite literally.  Almost everything we ordered was saucy, and really good!

interior Thai Kitchen Richmond BC
We started with a Thai papaya salad (som tam), which consisted of julienned strips of raw green papaya marinated in a vinegar and chili-based dressing.  It was served with tomatoes and crushed peanuts, and was a crisp, light way to begin the meal.

Thai Papaya Salad from Thai Kitchen
Next we had the panang curry with chicken ($10.95), the star dish of the meal.  It was thick, oh-so-coconutty, and had great flavour with mild heat – not the thing to order if you want spice that makes you sweat.  We ate this with steamed coconut milk rice and I could have called it a day there – this was everything I love about curry.

The next saucy entree had the best name possible of any Thai dish: Swimming Angel.  Sometimes also known as Swimming Rama, it generally consists of steamed spinach topped with chicken and peanut sauce ($10.95).


I’ll order pretty much any dish that has “peanut sauce” or “swimming” in the title, so this was a no-brainer, and it was excellent.  The steamed spinach watered-down the flavour of the peanut sauce a bit, but the vegetables and meat were tender, and the peanut sauce was great.  I was mixing the rice/peanut sauce/panang sauce like it was the last thing I’d do.

Our last dish was saucy in that it was soup.  We ordered the Thai Creamy Corn Coconut Soup (large, $6.95), and while it was different from what we expected, we all liked it.  It had mushrooms, shrimp, and corn in a coconut milk-based broth, which was very sweet – that was the unexpected part.

Thai Creamy Coconut Corn Soup at Thai Kitchen

After I tasted my first spoonful, I thought “ugh, too sweet,” but then as I realized the sweetness tasted like fresh corn, I found myself eating more and more of it.  It was one of those confusing situations where you continue feeding yourself something you initially decided you didn’t like, and it finally dawns on you that you DO think it’s good.  This soup certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you love the flavour of corn, you should give it a try.

We held off on noodles, mainly because Amy once had a very bad experience with pad Thai while hiking in Thailand (food and memory are not to be messed with), and by the time we’d ordered everything else, another dish seemed excessive.  So I’ll leave it up to any other frequenters of Thai Kitchen – what are the noodles like?  Obviously there were many other dishes on the menu we didn’t have a chance to try, but I bet if I lived in the Blundell area, I’d be ordering curry from Thai Kitchen quite often.  It’s more casual than Thai House on No. 3 Road, meaning Richmond has two good options for Thai eats.

After lunch, we drove east to check out the Broadmoor Bakery.  Guess what – it’s closed for Christmas holidays.

Broadmoor Bakery sign

I tried to keep calm, but it was hard because I didn’t have a cupcake, so the advice on my new day planner was temporarily bunk.

Broadmoor Bakery
Linds and Amy were also pretty disappointed.  But it’s ok – WE WILL BE BACK.


Thai Kitchen

8180 No. 2 Road, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available