apricot tart from Rocanini

Yesterday I did an interview with Shaw TV, which was the perfect excuse to head down to sunny Steveston.  As the day unfolded, it somehow became a Day of Baked Goods, which I obviously had no problem with whatsoever.

Steveston Village pier

The village always hums on a nice day, but that was especially true yesterday since it’s Spring Break.  Most of our interview was at Rocanini, so I picked a treat from their case that I thought would be most glamorous on camera.  I think this apricot tart did its job well, and was tasty to boot; flaky pastry on the bottom, a layer of raspberry jam and baked cream cheese, a perfectly fanned apricot, and finished with a shimmering glaze.  Lovely.

apricot tart at Rocanini

Later we headed to Tapenade, where I got to meet Chef Kayla (currently competing on Top Chef Canada – go #TeamKayla!) and eat some more wickedly good food.  More on this talented chef later in the month….


Eventually I set off on my own to find a meal to write about, and decided to give The Buck and Ear a try.  It’s on 3rd Ave, and apparently has been around for decades.

The Buck and Ear, Steveston

Since the clouds were rolling in by that point, it didn’t bother me to head into a dark, English-style pub.  The Buck and Ear is vast and beautiful – yes, I do think pubs can be beautiful.

The Buck and Ear, interior

It has plenty of dark wood, hammered tin ceiling tiles, shiny framed mirrors behind the bar, comfortable seats, and a menu that includes Bangers and Mash, poutine, mini Yorkshire puddings, nachos, steak, fish and chips, and burgers.  In other words, solid pub fare.

The Buck and Ear

They’ve also teamed with Beer Thirst to create a craft beer menu, and currently have Odins Freya’s Gold Kolsch, Driftwood White Bark Ale, Parallel 49 Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale, Phillips Blue Buck, Mill Street Organic Lager, Mill Street Cobblestone Stout, and others on tap.

Beer Thirst sign

After many indecisive minutes spent scanning the menu, I settled on the pulled pork sandwich ($10.95) with apple slaw, salad, and a single deep-fried pickle.

Pulled Pork sandwich

The salad wasn’t anything special – iceberg with chopped cucumber, tomato, and a bit of shredded carrot – but the pulled pork sandwich was pretty tasty.  It came on a toasted sesame Kaiser bun, with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and sweet apple slaw on top.  As it should be, it was messy, messy, messy, and just the right size.  I’m so glad pulled pork exists.

pulled pork sandwich

I enjoyed the deep-fried pickle, as always.

deep-fried pickle

After my sandwich at The Buck and Ear, I decided I should follow up with a Bell’s Bake Shop cupcake, both because I wanted one, my birthday is tomorrow, and I snag any and all opportunities to eat cake.

Bell's Bakeshop Cupcake

I got a coconut cupcake, which had toasted coconut baked into the batter and snowy shreds of it on top.  Loved it.

coconut cupcake

When I got home, my friend Marnie surprised me with more cake!  An entire one!  It was an angel food cake with icing she’d dyed pink with a bit of beet juice, and a lily on top that made the kitchen smell like a field of flowers.  We made tea and ate pink cake and listened to this song.  Perfection.

angel food cake

Now I get to look forward to joining the #TweetEatRichmond crew – a group of social media fanatics with a love for food – who are coming up from Seattle today to eat their way down Food Street over the weekend.  Follow our eating adventures on Twitter, and I’ll be sure to post about it on Sunday.  Happy Friday, everyone!

Steveston village pier


The Buck and Ear Pub

3rd Avenue, Richmond BC (next to the Gulf of Georgia Cannery)


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available, including house-made vegetarian burgers


*The interview with Shaw TV will air this Monday at 5pm on Channel 4.