Yesterday, I woke up inexplicably grumpy.  I must have dreamt cheese no longer existed or that I was allergic to cookies, because all morning I was a total Scrooge.

Fortunately by midday I had the sun, blue sky, and ocean to save me.  After my post went up I went down to Steveston, and was soon strolling around with a big, goofy smile on my face and taking pictures of everything.  Door hinges included.

I’d originally set my sights on Steveston because of yesterday’s charity herring sale put on by Fishermen Helping Kids with Cancer.  The event is an annual fundraiser for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, and sees fishermen selling sustainably caught herring by the 10 lb bag for $20.  There’s music, cooking demos, tons of herring, and thousands upon thousands of dollars raised.  The herring sale runs from 7am to 4pm, or until they sell out.

Which they had already done by the time I arrived!  By 1:30pm, the herring was gone and the party was over; all that remained was this view of the harbour.  Really, who’d want to stare at this?  It’s all gorgeous and sparkling and bluer than the bluest blue.

I may have missed the herring sale, but I quickly discovered there was a Christmas craft fair happening at the community centre, so I walked over to Steveston village.  That stretch of waterfront is like one big photo opp.

I came across a summit of seagulls,

and even managed to get myself nicely tangled in a rosebush.

I never tire of walking through the Britannia Shipyards, which were fetching as usual.

The streets of Steveston village were packed with people out enjoying the sun.  I made my way over to the Net Shed behind the community centre, and walked around the craft fair, which raised funds for the Community Centre’s Educational Garden and the Richmond Food Bank.

Among the many items for sale there were racks of dear little sweaters,

a delightful man selling his homemade wooden toys,

and these intricately-decorated honey cookies, which came in edible baskets.

Amusingly, I ended up buying the same thing I did at the Canada Day Craft Fair – chocolate chip cookie-covered Oreos!  How could you say no to those?  HOW COULD YOU SAY NO?

Next, because I was starving and didn’t think chocolate chip cookie-covered Oreos were a smart option for lunch, I walked over to The Cannery Café.  It’s located on the main strip of Moncton, and has a “Granny’s Diner” sign hanging off the front.

It’s there because the building is often used as a set for the TV show Once Upon a Time, which is filmed in Steveston.  In the real world, this cozy, cafeteria-style cafe is a popular spot with locals for breakfast and lunch.

They have a full breakfast menu (served on weekends until 11:30), hot entrees, burgers, fries, soups, salads, and a big list of sandwiches.  I was hungry and it didn’t take me long to decide – I went with a BLT on sourdough with cheese and avocado added on, and a side of clam chowder.  Then I spotted their deep-dish homemade berry pie, and asked for a slice of that, too.  In total the meal came to $18.20, and was killer.

The BLT had more bacon in it than any sandwich I’ve been given before, and the avocado + cheese took it from just scrumdiddly to scrumdiddlyumptious.  Seriously, this was SUCH a good sandwich.

The tomato-based chowder was also wonderful, with plenty of vegetables and chopped dill.

I was really full after the sandwich and soup, but couldn’t help but try a bite of the pie, which had blueberries, blackberries, and cranberries.  Of course one bite turned into nearly the entire piece, and I practically rolled myself out of there.

As you can see, a day that began grumpy ended up glorious.  When the sun is out, you genuinely won’t find a sweeter place than Steveston; I appreciated every last bit of Vitamin D, and every last bite of bacon it offered.  For a casual lunch by yourself or with friends, The Cannery Cafe comes highly recommended.

Here’s a few more pictures from the day.  Hope you have a sunny Sunday, everyone.


The Cannery Cafe

3611 Moncton, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Many vegetarian options available