Who’s that beautiful lady with a ‘kerchief around her neck?  That’s my momma!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women of the world who’ve raised us, loved us, pitied us when no one else would, and given up far more than we’ll ever know to make our lives easier.  To the warm, generous, and endlessly kind woman I have the privilege of calling my mom, thank you for all of this and more.


While I don’t get to hang out with my mom this Mother’s Day weekend, yesterday I did get to see Brent, a friend of mine who I haven’t seen in seven years.


Brent and I grew up together dancing in Prince George, and while I abandoned ballet for a career in……eating, he went all the way.  After graduating from the National Ballet School of Canada, he studied at the John Cranko School in Germany, then went on to join the world-renowned Stuttgart Ballet.

Brent Stuttgart Ballet

He now lives in Europe full time and travels frequently, so the last time we saw each other was seven years ago in London, when we celebrated an orphan Christmas together.  This month, he had a rare five day break, so he flew home to see his mom, and lucky me – they came to Richmond!

Wendy, Brent, Megan

Because of all the baking (and eating of baking) Brent and I used to do together, it seemed appropriate to take him to a bakery.  Therefore Brent, his mom Wendy, our friend Megan, and I drove to the Farmhouse Bakery on Cambie yesterday, which is brand new.

Farmhouse Bakery

It used to be occupied by the Richmond Bakery (right next to Tandoori Kona) and it’s been completely transformed by the new owners.

Farmhouse Bakery

It has a definite farmhouse feel to it, with wooden tables, a fireplace, books to read, and chairs.  Brent caught up on his chocolate knowledge while we were there.

Farmhouse Bakery

They sell cold sandwiches, paninis, pastas, fresh bread, cakes, and goodies.

Farmhouse Bakery menu

We got tea and coffee, then split the turkey panini, a slice of red velvet cake, an eccles cake, and a butter tart (I forgot to get a receipt, but everything came to around $15, so it’s very inexpensive).  Yesterday they also had sweet loaves, brownies, a vegan chocolate cake, cookies, squares, and confectionaries such as almond butter crunch and peanut brittle.

Farmhouse Bakery

The panini had deli turkey, sliced brie, apple, cucumber, and tomato; in my opinion, it would have been better if they’d just stopped at the first three ingredients, and included more apple.  It was a little too crammed, and not quite melty enough.

turkey panini

The heroes of the day were the treats.

red velvet cake

The red velvet cake was unbelievable.  I’ve never been particularly drawn to red velvet cake, simply because it’s SO unnaturally red with food colouring.  Apparently, however, the Farmhouse Bakery uses beet juice to dye theirs, so when I heard that I jumped on the velvet bandwagon!  The cake was perfectly dense and moist, rich with a sweet, chocolate, and vanilla-y flavour, and had a light and creamy icing.  I was very impressed.

red velvet cake

The other two goodies were phenomenal.  The butter tart had a flaky homemade shell, and a wonderfully caramelized filling.

butter tart

The Eccles cake was one of the best I’ve had, in or out of England.  They’re a type of hand-held pie named for the town of Eccles, and are filled with raisins, orange peel, and topped with coarse sugar (I had one at the Broadmoor Bakery, also).

eccles cakes

The Farmhouse Bakery’s version sort of tasted like a mincemeat tart, and had a denser pastry than the butter tarts.  This is one very substantial and very tasty treat!

Farmhouse Bakery bread

I will certainly be returning to the Farmhouse – I want to try everything else they have.

To Brent: I’m super proud of you, brag about you to everybody, and hope we don’t have to wait another seven years before we’re eating cake together again.

To my mom: I also brag about you to everybody, and anyone who’s ever met you does the same.  Thanks for all you’ve done, all you do, and for screaming louder than anyone else when I got this job.  I love you!



The Farmhouse Bakery and Cafe

11700 Cambie Road, Richmond BC


Cash and credit cards accepted (no debit, currently)

Vegetarian and vegan options available