Sometimes, when I’m throwing back yam fries in a pub and watching Italy beat Germany in the Euro Cup, I think “the ONE thing that would make this better is if a float plane was taking off from the river behind me.”

At The Flying Beaver, this magical dream became a reality.  I was first told about it by my friend Jason, who’s a helicopter pilot that’s based in Richmond and sent me this picture during the #lindseatsrichmond campaign!

The Flying Beaver sits directly on the Fraser River, connecting me a bit to my hometown of Prince George, which is on the same river but 776 km further north.  The pub shares a building with Harbour Air, a company that flies passengers to and from Richmond via float plane.

The pub is a watering hole for not only pilots and passengers, but locals as well.  It was packed when we arrived at 1:00pm, with almost every customers’ intense focus on the latest Euro Cup match.

I like soccer, and you’d think that after having spent a year in Italy I’d have been more worked up about their lead over Germany, but really, I was more interested in the menu.  The Flying Beaver does classic pub food – appetizers like spinach and artichoke dip and potato skins, soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches, fries, pizza, and a variety of meat-y mains.  They also do breakfast on the weekends.

We split the bacon Beaver Tail Potato Skins ($9.95), and I had the Seafood Salad Avocado Sandwich ($12.50) with half yam fries/half house salad.

Though it tasted mainly of salmon, there was also tuna, shrimp, halibut, and bacon in it.  It was good, though it could have used some more bacon!

I also tried bites of the Bad Boy Burger (cheese, bacon, mushrooms, onions)……

……….the Pulled Pork Sandwich with roasted pears (though they were kind of drowned out by the taste of BBQ sauce)…….

…….and the Wild BC Salmon Wrap.  The yam fries were very sweet but good, and came with a spicy aioli dipping sauce.  For four people, our meal (including two iced teas) came to $84.33.

This was exactly the kind of pub fare I’d expected and wanted – filling, hearty, and uncreative in a good way.  For the most part, I don’t want pubs to reinvent the wheel; I want dependable, consistent, comforting food.  Also, half of The Flying Beaver’s appeal is its location – snag a spot on their patio, and on a sunny afternoon watch as the planes take off and land gracefully on the water in front of you.  Or, ignore the planes altogether, and watch if one European team can out-score the other.  Either way, it’ll be a good show.


The Flying Beaver

4760 Inglis Drive, Richmond, BC V7B 1L7