The Keg Dine Out menu

We’re in the throes of Dine Out, people!  For anyone unfamiliar with this 17-day festival, Dine Out celebrates Metro Vancouver’s edible best, with over 200 restaurants offering $18, $28, or $38 prix-fix meals.  There ares also over twenty special events, including a food truck fest (on now!).  Dine Out is an incredible opportunity for people to try new restaurants, and/or dine in places they might not otherwise, because most menus are crazy good deals.

The Keg interior

There are fourteen Richmond restaurants participating this year, and last night I had dinner at The Keg, located at Steveston Highway and No. 5 Road.  Their Dine Out menu is $38 for a three-course meal, with three options to choose from for each course (you can see the whole menu here).

The Keg Dine Out menu

It didn’t take me long to decide on the Caesar salad, filet mignon, and Billy Miner Pie, but I was torn when it came to a side dish for my entree.  My excellent server, Prescott, helped me through the stressful decision between roasted garlic mash and a twice-baked potato.  Mashed potatoes are just so good and creamy in restaurants, but twice-baked potatoes usually have cheese on top and remind me of really awesome bbq’s…….these problems of mine, I tell you.  We eventually decided on the garlic mash, and I was happy with my decision.  Thank you Prescott.

bread and butter at The Keg

While I waited for my salad to arrive, I nibbled on the warm, complimentary loaf of bread on the table, which came with a ramekin of whipped butter.  This, oddly, reminded me hugely of my childhood, as I can remember being fascinated by it during meals at The Keg when I was little.  I wondered why our butter at home didn’t also look like dessert (still waiting for an answer on that, mom).

The Caesar salad was enormous, and pretty tasty.  They’re so old-school and I rarely order them, but when done right (not too much dressing and a generous amount of shaved parmesan) they really are great.

Caesar salad at The Keg

I ordered the 7oz filet mignon because:

a)    I like lean, tender, (and expensive) cuts of meat, and
b)    It was wrapped in bacon.

Filet Mignon at The Keg

I ordered it medium-rare (heavier on the rare), and it was perfectly cooked.  As I explained in my Carmichael’s post, I so rarely order singular cuts of meat, particularly beef, but when I do have them, it’s an iron-filled treat.

Cut of filet mignon from The Keg

The garlic mashed potatoes were just as creamy and bad-for-me as I’d hoped they would be, though it would have been nice to have a few more vegetables on the plate to balance them out!  The filet came with a creamy sauce on the side, which at first seemed like overkill considering the rich mound of buttery potatoes already on the plate, but I ended up dipping my slices of tenderloin in there, after all.  Who can resist a cream sauce, really.

My final course was a large wedge of Billy Miner Pie, which had a chocolate crumb crust, mocha ice cream, sliced toasted almonds, and chocolate and caramel sauces.

Billy Miner's Pie

It was simple, tasty, and I appreciated that the ice cream wasn’t rock hard when it came out.

Billy Miner's Pie

Overall, I enjoyed my Dine Out experience at The Keg, and think such a large meal for $38 is an extraordinary deal.  It’s not a place to go if you’re looking for cutting edge cuisine, but if you’re in the mood for a well-priced classic steak dinner, this is your place, and this is the time.  Seize the moment!!

Have any of you been hitting the Dine Out circuit hard?  Any recommendations?  Congrats to the organizers of this great festival, and kudos for making Metro Vancouver’s fine restaurants that much more accessible.  Bon appetit, buon appetito, and happy dining.


The Keg, Richmond

11151 No. 5 Road, Richmond BC

Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available, but not for Dine Out (and being a steakhouse, the menu is very meat-heavy!)

Reservations recommended