Yesterday, my friend Hannah and I went on a strange little adventure.

Based on the recommendation of a reader, we decided to go to The London Cafe for lunch.  We found our way to Bay #6 south of Brighouse Station, got on the 405 bus, and rode it to the end of the line.  That meant heading into the heart of southeast Richmond’s industrial area, filled with low-lying factories and warehouses set on wide, quiet streets.  We walked along Horseshoe Way until we arrived at a sign for the cafe, but funnily enough, it was right in front of a London Drugs’ headquarters.  Who knew we’d find so much London in Richmond!

We assumed we’d been directed to the London Drugs corporate cafeteria, but headed in anyways.  I mean, where else were we going to eat?  The Foley’s Candy Factory?

It was nearby…

But we were on a mission, and continued forth.  Once inside, we found our way to the café.  Turns out it’s a private business that rents the space, and obviously the vast majority of their customers are staff within the London Drugs building.  It’s an interesting niche for the cafe to fill, and one that seems to be working for them.

The menus were posted above the counters, and included breakfast items, sandwiches, soups, salads, burgers, and hot entrees.  Since the sandwiches had been recommended to me, we tried “The Sandwich,” filled with chicken, bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and mustard, as well a chicken panini with pesto, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and roasted eggplant.  I had mine with a side of beef noodle soup, and Hannah chose a tossed green salad; our bill came to about $18.  We found seats, asked ourselves “how did we end up here?” and waited for our food.

I’m pleased to announce that both meals were worth the trek to Horseshoe Way!

The sandwiches were huge, with salt-topped focaccia and plenty of fillings.

My favourite of the two was The Sandwich, probably because I love Swiss cheese and bacon so much, but the other was great too.  Hannah’s salad was full of fresh vegetables, and while my beef noodle soup was a little heavy on the noodles, it was still hearty and wholesome.

The young woman who served us seemed to be in charge of the whole operation, and I became instantly convinced she’d make a good treeplanting camp cook.  She was energetic, efficient, looked like she wouldn’t mind living in a tent, and made really good banana bread.  Hannah and I actually met in a treeplanting camp kitchen, and it’s rare that we look at someone and think “I believe you’d really love those 14 hour days!”  But we both agreed – this girl has got it in her.

If the treeplanters don’t get her, then the London Drugs employees can be thankful for what they have.  A tasty, cheerful little cafe right in their home base.  Thanks to Christiane for the recommendation!

As for me, I’ll happily continue trekking to unlikely areas of Richmond in search of panini gold, and do wonder where I’ll end up next…


The London Cafe

12251 Horseshoe Way, Richmond BC


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available