Yesterday was a day for Steveston.  I’d never been to this picturesque little fishing village before, and when the sun finally made its debut, I decided there was nowhere I’d rather be than by the ocean.

Even though the summer season is just getting underway, Steveston was a-buzz.  People go to visit the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, eat at one of its many restaurants, and of course, stroll along the boardwalk with an ice cream cone in hand.  An ice cream/gelato tour might be in order for myself, I think.

On a gorgeous sunny day, my body revolts if I stay inside, so my original plan was to get takeout sushi and eat it near the water.  When I couldn’t find Village Sushi, however (which I have now discovered is because the map on my phone led me astray), I began looking for the quickest alternative possible.  There are so many choices it can get a little overwhelming.

As I wandered around, indecisive and hungry, I came across The Village Burgery, a friendly, closet-sized joint right off the boardwalk.  I found the “freshly squeezed lemonade” sign appealing, and thought some sort of fish burger would be a good, seaside choice.  There are many fish and chips posts are to come, but I need to develop a stricter workout regime before that summer deep-fry-fest begins.

I ordered the salmon burger ($7.95), a small order of the home-cut fries ($3.25) and a lemonade ($2.75).  Unfortunately, the burger was a disappointment.  With little seasoning and nothing on it but tomato, lettuce, and mayo, it looked pale and tasted that way, too.  If you prefer plainer flavours than I, which I think many people do, then maybe you’d have enjoyed it.  It wasn’t for me, but it might be for someone!

What I would recommend is the lemonade (almost too sweet for my liking but still really refreshing) and the fries.  Hand-cut and with the skin still on, they actually taste like potatoes and aren’t disturbingly uniform in size.  They reminded me of all the fries I used to hand-cut at a diner where I worked during my summers home from university.  While it’s a lot more work than opening up a bag and dumping its contents into a fryer, hand-cutting is totally worth it.  It’s also a darn good workout.  My right arm was jacked during those summers – I could have arm-wrestled anyone!

Just beyond the Village Burgery is the dock, where dozens of boats line up to sell seafood caught that morning.  I watched as customers strolled away with fresh fish, pounds of spot prawns, and bags sea urchins, their spiky exteriors breaking through the plastic.

It’s genuinely remarkable you can still buy your seafood directly from the person who caught it, and I look forward to returning and picking up some of my own.  Perhaps it’s time to give sea urchin a try?

Steveston, you and I are going to be good buddies.  I just know it.