Executive Airport Plaza Hotel

Yesterday morning was a lovely one at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel.  I got up, worked out in their gym, then sat down with a strong cup of tea to write my post.  I was quickly overwhelmed by exercise-induced hunger, however, and we decided to order breakfast from the hotel’s other restaurant, Tivoli’s.


They’re open for breakfast and lunch, and offer room service meals at incredibly reasonable prices.  By the time we called, my stomach was growling so fiercely I wanted the entire menu, but we settled on Tivoli’s Eggs Benedict ($15) and French Toast ($10), then nibbled on a leftover Sweet Spot macaroon while we waited for our meals to arrive.

Not only were the prices good, but the portions were generous.  The eggs benedict came in three varieties: back bacon, spinach, and smoked salmon.  They were tasty, and talk about a filling meal!

Tivoli's eggs benedict

Eggs Benedict from Tivoli's

The French toast came with plenty of fresh fruit, and was sweet without giving us a headache.  It was also a huge portion, and came with peanut butter and jam.

French toast

After breakfast and once I had my post up, we went up to the 8th floor to explore the hotel’s rooftop garden.  At this time of year it’s breezy up there, but I can imagine it’s an ideal spot in the middle of summer.

Executive Airport Plaza Hotel rooftop

It allows guests to ‘get away’ to a quiet place without having to leave the property, and there’s a little path that wanders around the roof should you wish to have a bit of exercise.

rooftop patio at Executive Airport Plaza Hotel

Funnily enough, there were even a few bunnies up there!


They came running over to say hi, then darted back into the bushes as soon as they were satisfied I’d taken enough pictures.


A huge thank you to the wonderful and friendly staff at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel.  We could not have enjoyed our stay more, or left with fuller bellies.  Add to that the resident bunnies, and we had ourselves one great weekend!

Now, continuing the theme of breakfast foods and green things a bunny would eat, here’s a recipe I’m currently obsessed with.  I’m not entirely sure why, but when I get on a smoothie kick I feel obligated to share my smoothie enthusiasm with everyone.


So here’s what I’m drinking lately, which is all at once healthy, filling, and straight-up delicious.  One of its tricks is using frozen bananas, a bit of knowledge passed on to me by Julia, a colleague at Tourism Richmond.  Instead of freezing them whole, she recommended slicing them into small pieces and spreading them on a tray to freeze overnight.  Adding to that, my friend Sally’s advice was to use two bananas instead of one, claiming “Once you go two bananas, you never go back.”  She was right.  I’m now a two banana smoothie consumer.

The ingredients I use are frozen bananas, a handful of spinach, a sizeable scoop of natural peanut butter,

Day 257 - Tivoli's1

almond milk, and plain Greek yogurt.

Day 257 - Tivoli's2

The spinach doesn’t affect the flavour, it just makes the whole thing a beautiful minty green and boosts the health factor ten-fold.  You could also throw in flax, hemp, or chia seeds, and anything else you can think of.

Day 257 - Tivoli's

The frozen bananas make it taste sort of similar to ice cream (I say sort of, because only ice cream truly tastes like ice cream), but it’s kind of like having a healthy milkshake.  Plus, if you take the yogurt out and/or replace it with soft tofu, the whole thing is vegan and dairy-free!


There, now I have my smoothie excitement out for the day.  Should I approach you and try to talk about it anymore, please tell me “Hush Lindsay, I already know.  Now go find yourself a new dessert to talk about.”


Tivoli’s Restaurant

7311 Westminster Highway, Richmond BC (Executive Airport Plaza Hotel)


Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available