passion fruit calpis

You know who I never pay enough attention to?  Who rarely get to star in my posts?  Who, until now, have never had their own “Best Of” category?  Drinks, that’s who!  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that they’re people, too.

Tri-ty Bubble Cafe

I thought about this while sipping on my passion fruit calpis at Tri-ty, a Taiwanese bubble tea café and restaurant on Ackroyd.  Calpis is a drink I’d certainly never had before I began this job, and the same can be said for many of the beverages I’ve consumed throughout the year.  After I share my meal at Tri-ty, I’ll list ten of ten of my new favourite I’ve had in Richmond, and then perhaps fetch myself one…..

Tri-ty Bubble Cafe

Tri-ty is a popular Taiwanese eatery with modern décor and a fairly extensive menu.  Based on recommendations from a friend, I ordered the deep-fried red fermented pork ($5.50), and the tomato beef noodle soup ($8.50).

Tri-ty menu

The outside of the pork is red from the fermented bean paste they marinate it in, then it’s battered and deep-fried.  It was crunchy, and the red bean paste imparted a flavour that’s tough to describe – I’ll just say it was a bit spicy, very flavourful, and I really liked it.

Tri-ty deep-fried red fermented pork

The tomato beef noodle soup was just the thing for rainy weather; the broth was hearty, and the bowl was filled with thick, fresh noodles.

beef noodle at Tri-ty

The best part, however, were the slices of beef shank.  They were streaked with soft tendon, could be cut with a fork, and were lean.  Best!  Beef!  Ever!

Tri-ty beef noodle

The meal was served with sides of these spicy Taiwanese pickled greens,

pickled vegetables

and some sort of sweet, buttery pudding that I assumed would taste like mango.  It didn’t, but I was unable to figure out what it DID taste like, other than ‘good.’  Any ideas?

Tri-ty dessert

As mentioned before, I drank a passion fruit calpis with my meal ($4.95), which was delish.

passiot fruit calpis

Here are some other favourites!

Coconut slush with pearls from Cattle Café.

coconut slush with pearls


Sparkling grape and basil soda from Baker One Café.

Baker One Cafe


Salty plum with soda at Pho Viet.

salty plum with soda


Beefy Tea cocktail at Globe @ YVR.

Beefy Tea cocktail at Globe @YVR


London fog at Rocanini (I hear their coffee is pretty rad, too!).

London Fog at Rocanini


Chai (or the mango lassi) at Tandoori Kona.

Chai at Tandoori Kona


Iced Hong Kong milk tea at Specialty Chicken and Wonton.

milk tea


Stiegl beers at Austrian Club of Vancouver’s Oktoberfest.  Obviously!

Stiegl beers at Oktoberfest in Richmond

Something to note is that I ordered many of these drinks half-sweet, so if you are also averse to very sugary drinks, just ask them half or quarter sweet.  And one final drink, which I don’t have a picture of, is the fresh taro bubble tea at Leisure Tea.  If you love taro AND love the consistency of milkshakes, go seek this one out.



Tri-ty Cafe

8100 Ackroyd Road, Richmond BC


Cash (maybe cards?) accepted

Vegetarian options available