V's Malaysian and Thai Cuisine

I’m feeling a little down, and that’s because I think I’ve tried all the roti I can in Richmond.  This post is really just a plea for someone to tell me otherwise.  V’s Malay and Thai Food in the Richmond Public Market is, as far as I know, the last bastion of roti on my epic journey of eating.

V’s offers prepared hot foods, as well as a few dishes cooked to order.  I chose the nasi lemak, and with an order of roti, the meal came to only $11.20.  It could have easily fed two people.

V's Malay and Thai Food

I waited a few minutes for my order, then seated myself near the ever-present group of older Chinese men who sit in the food court and play board games.  Seeing them always reminds me of the grey-haired, impossibly-short men I used see in Italy.  In groups, they’d plant themselves in the same piazza every day, or gather on a street corner and talk for hours.  Seemingly all day, every day.  Whether in Parma or Richmond, it’s really quite a charming sight.

Richmond Public Market

But I digress.  I’ve now had nasi lemak several times, which is a Southeast Asian dish with a million and one variations depending on location and chef.  Very generally, a plate of nasi lemak looks like this:

Nasi Lemak

V’s version consists of a huge mound of steamed rice, a hard-boiled egg, chili sauce, a heaping spoonful of chicken and potato curry, salted peanuts,

fried salted peanuts

sliced cucumbers, and crunchy little fried fish.  It’s a satisfying mix of flavours and textures – particularly the rice + peanuts + sauce + fish – though my one complaint was that the chicken wasn’t hot enough.  The tiny fish were fried anchovies, also known as ‘ilkan bilis.’

fried anchovies

Of course, the star of the show was the roti.  It was so soft, flaky, and rich I felt like I was eating puff pastry.  Add to that the buttery, salty sauce it came with, and I decided I’d better head to the gym afterwards.


A plate of nasi lemak with roti is pure comfort food.  While I feel slightly panicked about finding new restaurants for roti, V’s is fairly central, so if I have any terrifyingly urgent cravings for it, I’ll be ok.

On my way out, I couldn’t help but notice a display of what I’ll call ‘can snacks,’ for lack of a better description.

canned sweet soup

They caught my eye solely because Stacey introduced me to them to me at Kuo Hua, and now I’m interested to see just how many varieties there are.  Congee is one, apparently!

canned congee

Roti-lovers of Richmond, now is the time for you to tell me I should fear not, that there are plenty of other restaurants where I can try it……right??!


V’s Malay and Thai Food

8260 Westminster Highway, Richmond BC (second level of the Richmond Public Market)


Cash only

Vegetarian options available