After my mooncake lesson at Osaka, I figured it was about time I started exploring the food court at Yaohan Centre.  I asked Stacey for a good place to start, and she suggested the “noodle and congee place with the green sign – straight ahead from the front entrance.”

Wah Yuen proved easy to find, and it’s a little stall with a tall, HK-style menu.  They seemingly offer every kind of congee, noodle, noodle soup, and noodle with meat combo possible.  There’s also two cases filled with long, skinny Chinese donuts, as well as sweetened donuts (just called “donuts” on the menu), which look like the salted version but folded in half.

I was in the mood for dry noodles (like I had at Lido and Michigan Noodle Shop) and decided I should finally stray from the shredded pork in spicy sauce I usually get, and try something new.  A difficult (first world) decision to make, because the shredded pork is so saucy and good.

I ordered the dry noodles with brisket and beef tendon, which came with a little bowl of broth to add to the noodles in case they get sticky.  Since I’ve never seen sweet Chinese-style donuts before, I asked for one of those, too.  The meal came to $7 even, and was pretty substantial.

I have a feeling they only gave me brisket, since I couldn’t find any tendon within the gravy-like spoonfuls of meat.  The brisket (a fatty cut of meat from the lower chest area of a cow) had been well-seasoned and braised for a long time.  It was saucy enough that I could toss it with the wiry vermicelli noodles and didn’t need the extra broth.  It was rich, and I liked it, though I definitely had to be a choosy with the meat; some of the chunks were pure beef, while others had strips of tough fat on them.

The donut, which they’d cut up for me, had the same pocketed interior and crispy exterior as a regular Chinese donut, but was faintly sweet.

It was good, but I think I prefer the salty ones!  A shocking statement considering my love of baked goods, but I’ll stick to the cinnamon sugar-covered mini donuts from Outpost when I need a fix of the sweet kind.

Speaking of sweet, I forgot to tell you about the Taiwanese shaved iced dessert I had with Stacey the last time we were at Yaohan.  It was from a shop called Little Bean Tea Station, which does bubble tea and Taiwanese-style sweets.

It was quite the sight – a pyramid of shaved ice that hid layers of fanciful, coloured sweets below.  Remember the halo halo we had at Little Ongpin?  It was similar to that.

There was candied red and green beans, mashed taro root, tapioca pearls, and grass jelly (which Stacey said is actually really healthy – yay!)  It’s all topped off with a tower of ice, and drizzled with sweetened and condensed milk.  A sweet, caloric, colourful cacophony.  Fun to say and eat.




Wah Yuen, Yaohan Centre Food Court

3700 No. 3 Road, Richmond BC


Cash only

Meat-heavy menu, though there are vegetarian options available

The donuts make good, quick snacks!


Little Bean Tea Station, Yaohan Centre Food Court

3700 No. 3 Road, Richmond BC