Jetside Lounge at Fairmont YVR

Who’s that gorgeous woman?  My Mom!  She was on her way home from Victoria yesterday and had a long layover between ferry and flight, so I spent the afternoon with her at YVR.  It was the perfect opportunity to visit, and try out another pre-flight meal, minus the flight.  I swear, never in my life have I spent so much time in an airport without actually flying anywhere.  It’s going to feel bizarre when I go to YVR and actually get on a plane.

Since it wasn’t pouring by 1pm, I decided I should bike to Richmond, which I haven’t done since the summer.  It all seemed like a grand plan until it started raining, or should I say ‘heavily misting.’  I literally cycled through a cloud, which sounds more romantic than it feels, but hey!  I never regret exercise once I’m inside and dried off.

I arrived at the airport about an hour ahead of my mom, and with an appetite triggered by the ride and a body dampened by the rain, I decided I needed a burger.  So, I ate at White Spot for the first time since my Pirate Pak-loving childhood.  For those of you (sadly) unfamiliar with the Pirate Pak, it’s a cardboard boat with a kid-friendly meal tucked into it, from an adult’s perspective, anyways.  From a child’s point of view, it’s a magical pirate ship complete with sail, golden coin, ice cream, sugary drink, fries, and cheeseburger.  It’s the most adventurous meal you could possibly eat, and I used to love them.

As an adult with no kids, I wouldn’t have thought to try out Triple O’s, but here’s the thing: I have a friend (who shall remain nameless), who is one of the classiest, most refined people I know.  She’s a stellar cook and baker, dresses beautifully, and writes about wine.  She also LOVES White Spot.  Like, loooooooves White Spot, the Spicy Chicken burger, to be precise.  Therefore, if she says it’s good, I figure it must be true.

And it is.

White Spot YVR interior

The White Spot at YVR is before security, in the domestic departures area.  I settled myself in near the bar, and set about choosing the burger I wanted.  I went with “Chuck Currie’s Favourite Burger,” which has blue brie, Portobello mushrooms, a 6 oz beef patty, lettuce, tomato, and Triple O sauce ($13.95).  When I saw the option to upgrade my regular fries to poutine for $2.49, I (obviously) did, and ordered a side ‘Spot’ salad ($2.49) to ensure something green would also come to the table.

Burger at White Spot YVR

The burger was awesome.  The patty was tender, the bun was soft and a little sweet, the tomato was ripe, and there was TONS of sauce packed into that thing.  It also wasn’t an overwhelming size.  My dear friend _______, I can see why you’re smitten.

White Spot burger

The poutine was pretty good, too.  They certainly didn’t skimp on the cheese curds, though they were a little cold and therefore cooled off the gravy.  Maybe a few minutes in the oven would have solved that problem.

White Spot poutine

My side salad was simple but fresh, and overall I was quite pleased with my meal.  Truly, I never thought I’d be eating White Spot burgers when I started this job, but I didn’t expect to be nibbling on duck’s neck, either.  I’m glad to have discovered both.

White Spot side salad

When my mom arrived, we headed back to our old Christmas stomping groundsThe Fairmont Vancouver Airport – and settled ourselves into the Jetside Bar and lounge.  I truly feel this is one of the hidden gems of the airport; if you have an extended layover and don’t feel like spending it on a bench, head up to the lounge and order yourself a cup of tea, some snacks, and/or a meal.  It’s filled with comfortable couches, chairs to sink into, and has a wall of windows looking out over the runways.

Jetside Lounge at Fairmont YVR

My mom and I split a big pot of the Fairmont Breakfast tea ($5 each), hummus and pita ($12), and the chicken, quinoa, and avocado salad ($23).

Both were delicious.  The pita had been dusted with turmeric, drizzled with a bit of oil, grilled, and was very fragrant.  The hummus was flavourful but not too garlicky, and the plate came with a small bowl of spiced olives.

Hummus at Jetside Lounge

If I travelled regularly for business, the quinoa salad is exactly the kind of meal I would appreciate.  It’s tough to find healthy options when you eat out all the time (trust me, I know), and this salad was exactly that.  It had roasted peppers, corn, quinoa, black beans, avocado, greens, and a lovely roasted chicken breast.  My mom and I split the meal, and even the half-portion was quite filling.

quinoa salad at Jetside Lounge

We lounged in our throne-like chairs, drank plenty of tea, and had a long, relaxing visit.

Jetside Lounge

I must say, I really appreciate that our airport is so accessible.  It couldn’t have been easier to go meet up with my mom, even if the ride to Bridgeport was a little wet.  Here’s to dry, comfy chairs, lovely visits with mothers, and a good cup of tea.

tea at the Jetside Lounge at the Fairmont YVR


White Spot at YVR

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The Jetside Bar at The Fairmont Vancouver Airport

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Cash and cards accepted

Vegetarian options available