My friend Heather joined me for another meal in Richmond, and we decided to try Yummy Tea House on Alexandra Road.  I’ll cut to the chase – it was terrible.

We were hesitant about the place as soon as we has sat down, but heck, I’m meant to cover everything, right?  So we stayed.

The place looked disheveled, and there were things stored everywhere, including the table next to us.  The menu was huge, and included all the classic Taiwanese bubble tea meals (hot pot, sliced pig ear etc), but with so few customers and only one staff member working, I wondered how on earth they’d have all those meals prepped and ready to serve.  We ordered food off the snack sheet instead, as well as a taro bubble tea with pearls, and a honey green tea with grass jelly.

Our drinks came in big glasses, and the taro was bright purple – obviously mixed from powder.  The pearls were too soft, as was the grass jelly in my honey green tea, but its flavour was decent.

For food, we ordered the chicken waffle, which is also on the menu at Leisure Tea, just down the road.  Their dish looked like this:

Leisure Tea06
While Yummy Tea’s dish looked like this:

Yes, those are Eggos.  Canned chicken salad mixed with mayo, served with Eggos.  As in, “leggo my Eggo.”

We had the thick toast with peanut butter and milkmaid (sweetened and condensed milk), which was just kind of thick and chewy.

Off the dessert menu, we ordered “grass jelly with cosmetic milk” simply because we were curious, and a mango sundae.

The grass jelly with cosmetic milk was a drink with shaved ice, what seemed to condensed milk, and chunks of grass jelly.  It didn’t really taste of anything notable.  My guess is that ‘cosmetic’ is just a mis-translation of ‘condensed.’

The mango sundae was soft serve with whipped cream, canned mango slices, and mango sauce drizzled on sauce.  It was ok, though of course it would have been better with fresh fruit.  Our bill came to around $30.

We paid our bill, left, and that was our experience at Yummy Tea House.  It wasn’t yummy, there was no atmosphere, and we were served Eggos.  Even I, an optimist, don’t have much more to say.  Instead, I’ll share my favourite Christmas video, because it makes me laugh, and laughing is just what you should be doing with your day.

Ding dong and a happy Sunday to all.


Yummy Tea House

8571 Alexandra Road, Richmond BC


Cash only

Vegetarian options available