Richmond restaurants have scooped a full serving of accolades in two prestigious annual culinary awards programs. City eateries won the lion’s share of prizes in the Critics’ Choice Signature Dish component of 2018’s Chinese Restaurant Awards, while also winning top table recognition at this year’s long-established Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards.

Chinese Restaurant AwardsToo Two Chinese Sauerkraut Fish Restaurant - Chinese Sauerkraut Fish | ​from rae kung (Think x Blink)

Critics’ Choice Signature Dish

The just-announced Critics’ Choice Signature Dish Awards recognize 2018’s must-try meals at Chinese restaurants throughout the Lower Mainland. Expertly judged by Globe and Mail restaurant reviewer Alexandra Gill, food writer Lee Man and restaurant critic Brendon Mathews, Richmond restaurants won six of the 10 spots on this lip-smacking honour roll, beating out stiff competition from around the region.

And the winners are…

Announced at an April 17 ceremony at River Rock Casino Resort, the Critics’ Choice winning dishes that come from Richmond restaurants include steamed bun filled with salty egg yolk lava from Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant; minced prawn steamed with fish maw (Kirin Restaurant, Richmond branch); pan seared oysters in supreme soy sauce (Red Star Seafood Restaurant); Chinese sauerkraut fish (Too Two Chinese Sauerkraut Fish Restaurant); claypot chicken with trotters (Geng Shi Ji); and squid paste-stuffed Chinese doughnut with mountain yam in golden sauce (Jade Seafood Restaurant).

Chinese Restaurant AwardsChef Tony - Steamed bun with salty egg yolk lava  | ​from rae kung (Think x Blink)

Quoted on the award’s website, Gill explained how these top-choice menu items were chosen. “The winning dishes range from elaborate and modern to traditional and comforting. What they all share is technical excellence, pristine ingredients and a ‘wow’ factor that is harder to define. The winners are the dishes that stand up and shout ‘Eat Me!’ and then linger in the memory long after the meal has finished.”

Chinese Restaurant AwardsThe Jade Seafood Restaurant - Squid paste-stuffed chinese doughnut | ​from rae kung (Think x Blink)

The Critics’ Choice component isn’t the only part of the annual Chinese Restaurant Awards where Richmond did well this year. Last month, the Diners’ Choice winners – chosen by more than 35,000 restaurant-goers – were also announced, with Richmond eateries triumphing in 12 of the 21 available categories.

Chinese Restaurant Awards2018 Chinese Restaurant Awards | Photo: Tourism Richmond/Rebecca Wu

Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards

Just prior to this year’s Critics’ Choice Signature Dish Awards, the Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards were also announced. Celebrating culinary brilliance around the region for almost 30 years, this year’s much-anticipated line-up covers dozens of mouthwatering categories, ranging from Best French to Bartender of the Year. But although the awards have a much wider remit, several of Richmond’s top dine-out spots were recognized.

And the winners are…

In these awards, Richmond dominated this year’s Best Chinese category, with Golden Paramount winning a silver prize and Hoitong Seafood scooping a bronze. There were also honourable mentions for Jade Seafood Restaurant and Yue Delicacy.

It was a similar story in the Best Dim Sum category, with Golden Paramount winning a coveted gold and Kirin winning a well-deserved bronze – plus Yue Delicacy receiving another honourable mention.

And showing that Richmond’s Asian dining scene isn’t just about great Chinese eats, Banh Mi Tres Bon won a bronze in the highly competitive Best Vietnamese category.

But that’s not all. The Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards also recognize great local dining destinations in specific regional neighbourhoods – the kind of places that are hotspots for eating well with the locals. Ranked in order by the judges, 2018’s best Richmond neighbourhood eateries are Gudrun, Nine Dishes, Cocoru, Britannia Brewing and Lido.