With over 800 restaurants on its menu, Richmond has more tempting dine-out options than many larger cities. But once you’ve sated your main course appetite here, why not move on to dessert?

There are dozens of inviting dessert destinations sprinkled throughout Richmond. From grass jelly to shaved ice and from durian cakes to soft-serve ice cream topped with cotton candy, you’re spoiled for choice when it’s time for a treat or two. Looking for the inside track? Here are five new sweet spots to try during your next visit.

Milkcow Cafe 

#105-5668 Hollybridge Way

Expanding quickly across Asia, this is the first Canadian branch of this quirky Korean soft-serve ice cream chain. Head up to the L-shaped little counter, choose from the 12 or so options and you’ll soon be plunging your spoon into a little plastic cup filled with swirls of organic ice cream adorned with syrups, fixings and toppings.

Those toppings can include honeycomb, jellybeans, mango slices, sweet macaron and more. But if you’re feeling adventurous, go for the menu’s Mont Blanc – a cup of ice cream served with apple syrup, chocolate rocks, Oreo crumbles and a wispy ‘hairpiece’ of fresh-spun cotton candy.

More information: milkcowcafe.ca

Milkcow CafeMilkcow Cafe | Photo credit: Tourism Richmond/John Lee

Jack Frost Cafe

6916 No. 3 Road

The perfect place to cool off on a hot day, Jack Frost specializes in ‘snowfalls’ – its own ever-tempting version of that Hawaiian ice-flaked dessert staple. The menu is divided into Sweet Snowfalls and Fresh Snowfalls, with the former comprising heaping bowls of flavoured shaved ice in varieties such as tiramisu and cotton candy. The latter section adds fresh fruit, scoops of ice cream and even cheesecake to Instagram-ready options ranging from mango to watermelon and wild blueberry. And just in case you fancy a second dessert, there’s also a good array of cream puffs, cake slices and multicolored macaron to loosen your belt for.

More information: jackfrostcafe.com


#130 – 3471 No. 3 Road

Snap a selfie with the rotund blue raccoon mascot inside this Taiwanese dessert spot – but don’t eat so much that you emulate his balloon-like stature. Like many Richmond dessert cafes, they’re busier in the evening here, when younger diners drop by en masse to socialize over the sweet treats.

ZenQ’s diverse menu ranges from bubble teas to gelatinous grass jelly bowls (the jelly is made from a plant in the mint family) as well as an array of top-selling, creamy tofu pudding dishes. Accompaniments include tapioca pearls, candied peanuts and soft ‘Q Balls’ flavoured with sweet potato, taro or matcha.

More information: zenqbc.com

ZenQZenQ | Photo credit: Tourism Richmond/John Lee

Choco Coo

#135-7488 Lansdowne Road

Just around the corner from Milkcow, this bright and inviting cafe serves pretty cakes and pastries alongside its coffees, fruit slushes and highly popular hot and iced chocolate drinks – the minty Tiffany Blue Iced Chocolate is recommended.

Carefully peruse the display case to see what’s available on your visit. The selection can range from Oreo cheesecakes to durian rolls and from matcha tiramisus to London fog cakes but some items can sell out quickly. It’s the kind of place to hang out with a group and order a few desserts between you – but make sure you come back on your own another day so that you don’t have to share!

More information: chococoo.ca

Cacao 70 Dip Shop

3866 Bayview Street

All the way from Quebec, this Canadian dessert chain has opened several branches in Metro Vancouver recently – but only two are takeout Dip Shops. With a chic antique Parisian interior, your soft-serve ice cream waffle cone will be dipped in one of several delicious sauces, ranging from dark chocolate to black sesame and the top-selling, green-hued matcha. The sauce then hardens into a shell, adding a satisfying crunch to your treat. Consider getting one for each hand – it’s the kind of double-dipping that’s always a good idea.

And if the sunny weather suddenly descends into a chilly rainfest, you can also pick up a creamy house-made hot chocolate here – a Cacao 70 favourite. The new Bayview Street location is still in soft opening mode – stay tuned for the official opening.

More information: cacao70.com