For many of us, the hardest part of travelling is waving goodbye to that happy furball that snuggles up to you on the couch at home every evening and licks your face when it’s time to get up in the morning (note: we’re not talking about your significant other here).

Luckily, several Richmond hotels know exactly how much you love your tail-wagging BFF, encouraging you to check-in for a sound night’s sleep along with Fido. Planning to visit the city with your friendly pet sometime soon? Here’s the lowdown on local hotels that welcome both you and your whiskered companion.

Sheraton Vancouver Airport HotelRelaxing at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport. | Photo: Sheraton Vancouver Airport

Paw-some particulars

Call ahead to check the latest details at the following pet-friendly Richmond properties: each has its own specific pet policies. Some may welcome two animals per room while others only allow one, for example. Some charge pet fees of up to $35 per-night, while some don’t charge at all. Size restrictions may also apply, so make sure you check any limits before strolling up to the front desk with a dog that’s bigger than a Clydesdale. And keep in mind that some hotels also provide extras for those pooches that love pampering (i.e. all of them).

Tops dogs

Among the most welcoming of Richmond’s pet-friendly properties is Accent Inns Vancouver Airport. They allow two pets to stay with you (more may be allowed, if requested). And unlike most hotels, you can leave them unattended in your room for a while, so long as the front desk has a contact number to reach you at. Treats and towels are provided here and size is not an issue. Pet fees of $20 per night apply, but $1 from each charge is donated to the BC SPCA.

Accent Inns Vancouver Airport Hotel
Bath time at Accent Inns. | Photo: Accent Inns Vancouver Airport

Furry family members are also treated like royalty at a trio of additional hotels. When you call to book a dog-friendly room at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport, Hilton Vancouver Airport or Vancouver Airport Marriott, you’ll be asked if you’d like a special ‘pet setup’­­—which means that water and food bowls will be waiting for you in your room along with a snuggly soft cushion. Pet fees vary at each of these hotels.

Over at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport—the four-diamond hotel tucked inside Vancouver International Airport—discerning canines receive a special dog bed and tasty treats when checking in. And the glamorous River Rock Resort Hotel also welcomes guests with tails—they’ve had more than 400 pet stays this year alone—and are currently creating a new pet-friendly package called A Reason to Paws and Enjoy. Set to include a special pet amenity, a handy dog-walking map and more, be sure to call ahead for the latest updates on this.


Loyal companions

These aren’t the only Richmond hotels that are more than happy to welcome pets. Call ahead and you can also snag a belly-rubbing, fur-friendly room at La Quinta Inn Vancouver Airport, Pacific Gateway Hotel, Westin Wall Centre Vancouver Airport, Sandman Hotel Vancouver Airport, Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport, and the Abercorn Inn Vancouver Airport.

As mentioned, polices vary at each hotel and are subject to change, so phone to check the details. Looking to reserve a hotel room in Richmond? Click here to search for accommodations.


While each of these Richmond hotels loves letting you stay onsite with your four-legged family members, canine guests in particular may find themselves straining at the leash for a little outdoor action during their visit. But they don’t have to curl up in a corner and simply dream about the great outdoors.


There’s a heaping bowlful of parks and green spaces to nose around with your pet here. It's important to keep your dog leashed (there are some fragile wildlife areas in the city), but designated off-leash spots can be found at places like McDonald Beach Park, Steveston Community Park, No. 3 Road Waterfront Park (there's even a cool public art piece here called Dog Party), and South Arm Community Park. Be sure to clean up after your dog, carry a leash at all times, and maintain effective verbal control of your dog. Click here for information on these and other off-leash areas or download a handy map here.

Just remember that taking your dogs out and getting them well and truly exhausted means they’ll sleep much more soundly back in your hotel room. Which means you’ll also have a more peaceful night—right up until that face-licking early morning wake-up call.