For those of us who adore oysters, it’s hard to get enough of their distinct creamy texture and briny, yet sweet, flavour. Shucked, baked, dried — there’s more than one way to enjoy an oyster, and we’ve scouted out the best to bring you Richmond’s Ultimate Oyster Itinerary, so varied and lip-smacking that it’s worth doing twice.


Blue Canoe

Freshly Shucked Oysters, Blue Canoe (PHOTO: TARA LEE)


1. Fresh catch with a view

Freshly Shucked Oysters – Blue Canoe: Take in the picturesque views of Fisherman’s Wharf as you slurp down a selection of freshly shucked oysters (6 for $16.99; 12 for $31.99), like the Chef Creek or Fanny Bay from Bayne Sound (pictured top and bottom, respectively). While nothing beats the unadulterated taste of raw oysters, horseradish, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce or mint mignonette can also add to the eating experience. Daily happy hour from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. gets you six oysters and a glass of stout for $10.


Location: 3866 Bayview St.



Mega Sushi

Oysters Motoyaki, Mega Sushi (PHOTO: TARA LEE)


2. Cheesy baked oyster bliss

Oysters Motoyaki – Mega Sushi: Before digging into their amazing specialty rolls (stay tuned for more on this in my next article), start with an order of oysters motoyaki ($5.95). Be prepared for a richly delicious combination of oyster, spinach, onion, mayo sauce, mozza and cheddar cheese — all baked in an oyster shell.


Location: 100-3131 Chatham St.



Taiwanese Oyster Pancake, Sunway Restaurant (PHOTO: TARA LEE)


3. Oysters à la pancake

Taiwanese Oyster Pancake – Sunway Restaurant: Transport yourself to a Taiwanese night market as you enjoy one of its most popular dishes. The pancake ($6.95) consists of small, succulent oysters and sui choy, folded into a batter of egg and potato starch. The whole mixture is pan-fried until crisp on the edges, while still retaining its characteristic chewy, gelatinous texture. A sweet chili sauce and a sprinkling of green onion finish the dish off beautifully.


Location: 1300-4540 Number 3 Rd.



Dave's Fish & Chips

Oysters and Chips, Dave’s Fish & Chips (PHOTO: TARA LEE)


4. The Old English

Oysters and Chips – Dave’s Fish & Chips: This beloved Steveston destination boasts some of the best fish and chips in town, in addition to a stellar version of oyster and chips ($16.95) that warrants a visit. Panko-breaded oysters, fried until golden, are served with crisp fries, seafood sauce, zippy coleslaw and a lemon wedge. They make a pretty mean oyster burger ($14.95) as well.


Location: 3640 Moncton St.



Golden Paramount oysters

Pan-fried Oysters, Golden Paramount (PHOTO: TARA LEE)


5. Pan-fried perfection

Pan-fried Oysters in Spicy Sauce – Golden Paramount: Chef May Chau air-dries oysters ($10.80) in order to intensify their flavour, and then lightly coats them in cornstarch before they’re deep-fried, and then pan-fried with spicy sauce, green onion and cilantro. The result is an ethereal play with tastes and textures. You have to try them.


Location: 8071 Park Rd.