Photo Credit: Tara Lee

A short walk south from Lansdowne Station, you’ll find two connected strip mall complexes that run along Ackroyd and No. 3 Road (8100 Ackroyd Road, 5880 No. 3 Road). This area is definitely a destination if you want a wide range of shopping and eating choices!

Big name restaurants and stores anchor the shopping area, such as PriceSmart Foods, Blenz CoffeeBoston Pizza, White Spot, and a Signature BC Liquor Store. In other words, you can stock up on groceries and wine before gorging at your favourite restaurant.

Meanwhile, the other smaller establishments offer high caliber, specialty experiences. Here are four to help with your mouth-watering exploring:

Gah Lok Dim Sum

Sourced from Gah Lok website

My family has been purchasing frozen dim sum from Gah Lok Dim Sum for quite some time and have always been impressed by their products. Originally called Happy Family Dim Sum, the company first launched in 1986 and has been manufacturing frozen dim sum ever since. Their longevity attests to the quality of their food. Their range of dim sum is substantial and includes such staples as har gow, siu mai, pork wontons, beef balls, and vegetable potstickers.

Sourced from Gah Lok website

You can also purchase sweeter treats, like steamed red bean buns, steamed cream and coconut buns, and sesame seed balls (for deep frying). Often, you’ll be able to catch sight of workers busily filling and delicately pleating dumplings. Whenever I visit, I find myself buying a substantial number of items, which certainly come in handy when I’m at home and craving dim sum. I pop them in the steamer and ten minutes later I’m munching on rice rolls.

Photo Credit: Tara Lee

Top Shanghai Restaurant

If buying frozen dim sum gets you in the mood for fresh dumplings, head over to Top Shanghai Restaurant, one of the most popular Shanghainese restaurants in town. Tables are packed tightly together in this modest-sized room, so expect to be sitting close to other diners. Nobody cares, though, since everyone is so busy enjoying the food before them. The menu spans dozens of pages, each full of equally delicious options.

Xiao long bao; Photo Credit: Lindsay Anderson

Of course, you can’t go without ordering the xiao long bao, lauded for their thin wrapper, but there are also tons of other dim sum items, like pan-fried pork dumplings, sesame cakes with beef, and crispy chive and egg dumplings. The rest of the menu covers everything from cold dishes, like chilled pork jelly, to hot items, such as braised jumbo sea cucumber with shrimp roe, crispy fried duck, braised pig’s trotter with soy beans, and fried rice cakes with shredded pork.

Fried rice cakes with pork; Photo Credit: Lindsay Anderson

If you end up getting carried away with the ordering, you’ll be very glad for the leftovers the next day.

Ramen Izakaya Okawari

Ramen Izakaya Okawari successfully marries three Japanese food crazes: ramen, izakaya food, and sushi, all in one restaurant.

Okawari ramen; Sourced from Instagram @okawari_official

There are a variety of ramen choices, such as their Okawari ramen, which features whole chicken ginseng herbal broth with grilled chicken, bean sprouts, green onions, and dried red dates. It’s a wondrously restorative bowl. The red ramen contains spicy chili oil in their original broth and comes with sliced pork, onion, and boiled egg. Their original broth, simmered for seven hours, goes beyond using just pork bones and instead also includes chicken, salmon, garlic, and onion.

Baby octopus karaage; Sourced from Instagram @okawari_official

The izakaya menu, meanwhile, runs the gamut of Japanese pub classics, such as pan-fried gyoza, ebi mayo (deep fried prawns with spicy garlic mayo), and baby octopus karaage.

Okawari sashimi set; Sourced from Instagram @okawari_official

Besides sashimi selections, nigiri, and standard rolls, like California rolls, the menu has specialty rolls, such as the Stamina roll, with crab meat and smoked salmon inside and barbecued unagi and avocado on top. And to keep the kitchen even busier, you can also order other rice and noodle dishes, like chicken yakisoba, spicy tuna rice bowls, and fried rice with pork, egg, and green onion.

Specialty Chicken & Wonton House

Photo Credit: Lindsay Anderson

When only soup and dumplings will do on a cold day in Richmond, Specialty Chicken & Wonton House is bound to satisfy.

Photo Credit: Lindsay Anderson

The restaurant is known particularly for their choose-your-own dumpling fish noodle soup. Basically, you get to choose between a few types of fish soup (e.g. satay fish soup), as well as different dumplings (e.g. chicken dumplings).

Chicken dumplings; Photo credit: Lindsay Anderson

All fish soups also come with deep fried tofu, seasonal vegetables, and mushrooms. True to their name, they also specialize in free range chicken, which you can order in a variety of ways, like stir fried chicken with XO sauce, and curry boneless chicken. The menu also covers many other casual and comforting classics, like a range of congee selections, tomato with beef, steamed ground pork with preserved vegetables, and assorted meat with tofu hot pot.

These two connected complexes truly do offer something for every palate, from a Legendary burger with Triple “O” sauce at White Spot, or a satisfying plate of spaghetti and meatballs from Boston Pizza, to a dizzying array of dumpling options.