parker place bbq

The shop at Parker Place Meat & BBQ in Parker Place Mall takes its barbecued meats seriously. (PHOTO: TARA LEE)

With the end of summer sadly approaching, it’s time to make the most of the dwindling days with plenty of feasting at the best barbecue joints in Richmond. While the following five places each offer their own unique take on barbecuing, they share one important characteristic: they’re all incredibly delicious.


river rock bbq


1. Summer Q at the Buffet at River Rock

It’s your last chance to try River Rock’s Memphis-style barbecue before this mouth-watering buffet promotion ends on Thursday (5 to 9 p.m.). Look forward to items like BBQ beef brisket, pulled pork, BBQ chicken, BBQ pork ribs, and cornmeal crusted fish. Southern sides such as corn bread, coleslaw, hush puppies, and grilled corn and veggies round out your meal.

Location: River Rock Casino Resort, 8811 River Rd., Richmond
Adult $29.95, Senior $25.95, Child $14.95. Available 5pm – 9pm and ends on Thursday, August 27, 2015. Menu subject to change and availability.



From left to right: Parker Place Meat & BBQ’s sausage, BBQ pork. (PHOTO: TARA LEE)

2. Chinese barbecue bonanza at Parker Place Meat & BBQ

There’s a reason why this BBQ shop in Parker Place has a perpetual lineup: the crowds are hungry for some of the finest Chinese barbecued meat in Richmond. Choose from BBQ duck ($19 each), pork ribs ($6.00/lb.), pork sausage ($6.99/lb.), and pork ($6.99/lb.), and then do your best not to gobble up too many pieces of the juicy, flavourful meat as you make your way home.

Location: Parker Place, 1020-4380 No. 3 Rd., Richmond.


robata grill

The chicken skin skewers at Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant. (PHOTO: TSUKIJI JAPANESE RESTAURANT)

3. Robata at Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant

Tsukiji specializes in sushi and sashimi, as well as the robata technique, which is a Japanese style of cooking that involves grilling meat to give it an amazing smoky flavour and caramelized charring on the outside. The restaurant offers a wide selection of skewers, from chicken skin ($5.50) to pork cheek ($5.95), to chicken meatballs ($5.95), as well as grilled seafood such as mackerel ($7.95) and whole squid ($8.95). Go with a few friends, order a bunch of dishes—as well as premium sake—and dig in!

Location: 130-135, 4751 Garden City Rd., Richmond


hog shack bbq

Meet Hog Shack’s ‘Jurassic Platter’. (PHOTO: HOG SHACK)

4. Ginormous BBQ platters at Hog Shack Cook House

Come hungry famished to this destination for slow-smoked Kansas City-style barbecue. Johnny’s Jurassic Platter ($53) features St. Louis side ribs, “dino” beef ribs, chicken quarters, pulled pork and your choice of four sides (eg. baked beans, coleslaw, corn bread or yam fries). The plate very comfortably feeds two, but it you want to go full hog, Allan’s Mammoth Platter ($109) also includes smoked brisket, baby back ribs, smoked sausage and two more sides. The meat is achingly tender (some items are smoked for 24 hours), and the sauce is sweet and tangy.

Location: 160-3900 Bayview St., Richmond


sura bbq

The beef tongue option at Sura Korean BBQ. (PHOTO: SURA KOREAN BBQ)

5. Do Your Own Grilling at Sura Korean BBQ

This sleek, modern space is ideal for catching up and bonding with family and friends as you grill your food together. Meat options include beef short ribs or galbi ($28), pork jowl ($20) and beef tongue ($15). Each order comes with a generous variety of delectable side dishes, like kimchi, spicy green onion salad, fried battered eggplant and soy potatoes. You’ll leave smelling like barbecue but it will be so worth it.

Location: Aberdeen Centre, 1830-4151 Hazelbridge Way